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Kingdom Living

We are a Christian Teaching Ministry that emphasizes Kingdom Living, Prosperity and Health.

Christian healing is a must-have today for increasing numbers of people who have no access to doctors and hospitals for whatever reason or when the medical profession tells them there is no hope–that they can do nothing for them. Christian healing is ministered in the Name and power of the risen Christ. It is real and effective. We have testimonials to prove it.

We are a ministry that teaches the principles of the Kingdom Lifestyle which you can mix with faith and use to grow to be all that God intends for you to be.


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We teach Kingdom Living—-how to live a victorious Christian life by faith and how to minister Christian Healing to your family, co-workers and others. Christian Healing is a major and essential tool for evangelism.

Heal the Sick!

Kingdom Living!

Business Intercession

We come alongside business leaders and pray for God’s favor and blessing to come upon them and their businesses, both large and small.

The power of intercessory prayer has long been known to front-line Christian ministries. Now it is a growing phenomenon in the commercial realm.

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