Women’s Ministry


Welcome to our Women’s Ministry


Together we share in the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Bible promises in Hebrews 13:5 that Jesus will never to leave us or forsake us.

As women we face many challenges. Seasons come and seasons go. Life presents to us happy moments as well as moments of sorrow. Nothing stays the same. There is and always will be constant change.

The women’s ministry of LEMI is here to encourage you no matter what stage of life you may be in, for life is a journey, one to be taken together.

There is an appointed time in Heaven for you to come to this world and there will be an appointed time for you to leave here to go to your eternal home (Ecclesiastes 3:2). While we are here, it is important for us to learn many things. Three of the most important are: did you learn about Jesus, did you accept Him as your Savior and did you learn to love?

God made us women. He did not create us to be alone. We were meant to share our strengths, talents and abilities with others.

We do not think like men; therefore, we need not try to compare ourselves to them or compete against them. We are unique and have value and worth because God Himself has formed us. He has made us intelligent and able to make quality decisions for our lives and our families.

In the Gospels you will never find Jesus speaking down to women. He loved, valued and praised them for whom He made them to be. The Bible says woman helped to finance as well as serve along with Him in ministry.

He has made us equal to our husbands and the men of our world. We are not superior to them; neither are they superior to us. One or the other may have more knowledge in areas, but we are never lesser in quality to one another.

God has made us to walk through this life together hip to hip, shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, and heart to heart in LOVE, in LIFE and in MINISTRY.

Women have a lot to give. Many are gifted with the ability to handle several things at one time, and to see them all to completion in a timely manner with a spirit of excellence!

I pray that you will never neglect your time with our Heavenly Father in prayer and study of His Word, as well as books that will help you grow in your faith.

You are a minister. Your platform is your family and the world around you.

Seize the moment and be all God has designed you to be!