23 Jan 2021

What Shall We Say Then?

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Notwithstanding numerous allegations of election rigging in key swing states supported by sworn statements by eyewitnesses and even videos, but which no court anywhere in the land was willing to examine, not even the Supreme Court at the suit of Texas and a fair number of other States, we find ourselves with a new President in Washington DC. And, from day one of the new administration, we are witnessing a wholesale backslide into the Obama years with a lot worse in prospect. Astonishingly, many Christians actually voted for this!

So, is this cause for fear and gloom in our hearts? Certainly not! God is still God, and Jesus is still Lord. No purpose of His can be thwarted. This was Job’s positive confession after his catalog of adversity and affliction, and it should be ours too, no matter what happens. History shows that all attempts to stamp out the Christian faith and the Bible are futile, and the Bible itself declares it.

President Trump did a great job despite an obviously orchestrated chorus of scandalous and unwarranted hostility, resistance and opposition on a daily, almost hourly basis from Democrats and the media. He saw record high numbers for the economy and jobs pre-Covid; he stopped the hemorrhaging of the southern border; he set up enterprise zones for blacks and Hispanics and improved his vote among them; he cut oppressive regulations and brought back manufacturing to the United States, as he promised he would; he renegotiated NAFTA; he made the United States energy independent and an energy exporter; he rebuilt the military; he stood strong and successfully against ISIS, China and Russia—“peace through strength;” he started no new wars but brought troops home; he insisted NATO allies contribute financially to the level the treaty specifies; he enabled drug purchasing abroad to lower the price of prescription drugs domestically; he was pro-life, cutting funding to Planned Parenthood and cutting funding for abortions in foreign countries; he was very protective of the country’s Christian roots and heritage; and he was pro-Israel in moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and in brokering peace agreements between some Arab nations and Israel.  We know whoever blesses Israel God blesses in return. None of his many accomplishments were acknowledged or praised by the media. If they were mentioned at all, it was given a negative spin. The new incumbent has labeled him “incompetent!”  That’s complete nonsense.

As for Covid, President Trump stopped all flights from China early and was heavily criticized for it by Democrats. He supported the states so well with hospital ships, ventilators and field hospitals to where even the Democrat governors of New York and California publicly acknowledged his effective and speedy responses. And his “Operation Warp Speed” brought us vaccines before the end of 2020—something he promised but which all the ‘experts’ ridiculed and said could not be done. His opponents did nothing but falsely accuse him of failing to lead. They tried and failed to impeach him over the Russia hoax which was debunked as a deliberate ploy to unseat him and take the heat off Hillary Clinton for her classified emails scandal, yet they pursued it to the bitter end through a special counsel, and then they pursued a sham impeachment, all the time knowing their various allegations were false but using it all to paint a false picture of President Trump to the electorate.

He specialized in doing what experts said could not be done. Obama laughed and said there was no way he could bring manufacturing back to America without a magic wand, but he did. They said the wall would never work but it cut illegal entries dramatically. He even got the Mexican military patrolling its own side of the border. It stopped the immigrant human caravans and also negatively impacted the criminal activity of MS-13 and drugs’ ‘coyotes.’ He delivered on his promises of vaccines being made available within the year. His election slogan was, “Promises made, Promises kept.”

He displayed formidable energy and stamina and intellectual ability as well as oratory. He spoke at numerous rallies for hours and people turned out in their thousands to hear him. He ducked no hard questions. In stark contrast, his election opponent had no hard questions put to him by a softball media and we were told to expect a “blue wave.” No such wave came. In fact, the Democrats lost seats in the House of Representatives and the Republicans flipped some state legislatures. President Trump increased his popular votes way above his 2016 mark, securing almost 75 million votes, yet somehow his opponent still beat him despite spending most of his campaign time in his basement at home with obvious cognitive issues and slurring some of his words. Now that Donald J. Trump is no longer in office, they still want a second impeachment trial, which is unconstitutional and bogus for a number of reasons, one of which is because it is now clear that the so-called insurrection at the Capitol was pre-planned and began before he completed his speech, and none of his words were inflammatory, unlike the words of some Democrats we have heard. Some local and state Democrat leaders ordered police inaction during left-wing summer rioting. Federal buildings and monuments were attacked and police stations were surrendered. We watched criminal damage, arson and violence, and at least 25 people died and more than 400 police officers were injured, while all the Speaker of the House could say was, “People do what they will do.” How atrocious, irresponsible and impeachable!     

So, to echo the words of the apostle Paul, what then shall we say to all of this?

God is in ultimate control. Nothing takes Him by surprise and he is always way ahead. He leads and we follow. We cannot be separated from His Love; and nothing can snatch us from His hand. There is nothing that can succeed against Him or stop His eternal plan and purposes. Our citizenship is of Heaven. Heaven is our home. We will run the race, stay the course and receive the glorious reward of the overcomer. Jesus is returning for His Bride. Everything points that way; but if He delays, we will still overcome if we stay in faith. His Word is forever settled in Heaven and can never fail, as He can never fail and His Love never fails. Amen and Amen.

Now, we will busy ourselves about His business and be vigilant. We will keep our eyes on Him and pursue righteousness. We will pray for righteousness, truth and justice and walk in peace. We will trust and not be afraid. We will pray for those who want to persecute us.

Some say we need to be “detoxed” or “deprogrammed” but perhaps they first need to examine themselves.

Should Christians speak out against hypocrisy, criminality, unfairness and injustice? John the Baptist did. Jesus did.

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