23 Oct 2011

Two saved by the sea

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As we were walking along the Bexhill seafront this afternoon, LaVonne was prompted by the Holy Spirit to talk to an elderly gentleman sitting alone on a bench. LaVonne has a remarkable facility for going up to complete strangers and engaging them in conversation.

He told her his wife had been the church warden of their local church for many years, but he was never actively involved in the church himself. He wasn’t sure he would make it to heaven.

LaVonne therefore asked him to let her lead him in a prayer for his salvation, so that he could be sure. He readily consented.

His wife had been walking along the front with their daughter. On our way back we saw all three of them and Lavonne told his wife of her husband’s commitment. She was delighted. The sun had been shining on what was already a beautiful day, but now it was very much brighter for this happy elderly couple.

Further along the seafront, we saw a lady was struggling to assist her elderly husband to regain his seat in his wheelchair having sat together on another seafront bench.

LaVonne went to her aid and, sure enough, she got talking to them. Like the earlier gentleman, her husband was not sure he was going to heaven. Well, isn’t it time you made a decision for Christ, she asked him? He agreed ….and so she led him in a prayer for his salvation.

It’s never too late in life to turn to Jesus Christ.


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