09 Aug 2012

Tracing a Miracle!

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Facebook Posts by Pastor Loretta

July  27 – Hey everybody, my sister Kim had a massive heart attack; please keep her in prayer. 3 arteries are 99 per cent blocked and 1 is 89 per cent blocked. She will need a quadruple bypass.

July 28– Update on Kim: Of course, the doctors gave a very grim diagnosis; they said her heart is very damaged and they will not be able to perform the quadruple bypass as there are 8 blockages and a lot of damage has been done by the heart attack. They are saying that even trying to do stents could possibly kill her. They are trying to keep her coherent so she can make her own decision whether she wants to take the risk of trying to have stents or to go home and pretty much let nature take its course. They want her to rest and have her make that decision by Monday. By all means keep praying – we need a miracle and God is a miracle working God.

July 29 – Went to see Kim after church this afternoon, and boy did we get an answer to prayer! None of us (my sisters and myself) cared too much for Kim’s surgeon; he was negative and pretty much told us he didn’t want to perform her surgery; we have been praying that God would be with the surgeon and guide his hands through this. Well God did even one better – he gave her a completely different surgeon who is more experienced in heart procedures. Woo Hoo! Thank you Jesus, we are so blessed!!!

July 30 – What an amazing day it has been! I am here to tell you we got a miracle today regarding my sister Kim. We have had hundreds of people praying for her; we laid hands on her; and we thanked God ahead of time for a miracle, and He gave it to Kim today. They took her down to surgery; the doctor went into the heart and said he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He looked at Kim and said, “I don’t know how to explain this to you but 1 artery had completely unclogged.” Kim said, “That is a good thing, right?” and he said, “Yes, absolutely!” and  he stopped the procedure.

He showed my sister Diana “before and after” pictures of Kim’s heart, and told her he had never seen anything like it before. Diana said the “before” pictures of her heart looked bad because there was no life, but the “after” pictures showed life in her heart again, Praise God!!!

So Kim gets to go home tomorrow on medicine that will help strengthen her heart and she will go back in a month for the surgery they said they couldn’t perform because of the condition of her heart.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and please continue to lift her up as she continues to heal.


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