05 Oct 2016

Time to Refresh

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As can be appreciated from previous posts, Eric & LaVonne have really been taking some hits; and the grieving process, especially for LaVonne, has not been easy. Grieving is natural for everyone but for the Christian it is a process that need not last long. Christians can rejoice in knowing that heaven is real and that they will be reunited with their loved ones in heaven one glorious day.

Times of RefreshingEric and LaVonne have had to deal not only with their personal grief but also with adjusting to life and ministry together on a permanent basis without enforced, extended periods of separation, which has been the pattern of their marriage for the last 4 years. But God is so good and has blessed their marriage with a high degree of flexibility and resilience. Nevertheless, times of refreshing and recuperation are much needed; and in August, LaVonne resigned as an associate pastor at New Life of Springfield Church, so that she and Eric could rest, refresh and spend resettlement time together, as well as to wait on the Lord for their future path.

They are presently enjoying refreshing at Zion Christian Fellowship in Columbus (Powell Campus) under Pastors Jim & Mary Baker. Based at that church is the Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry that is linked with the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding, California, under Pastor Bill Johnson — they run the same curriculum. Eric and LaVonne have enrolled in the Columbus school and are very much enjoying the classes. They have also joined the Healing Rooms movement and are very much enjoying being part of the team at the In His Presence Healing Room in Plain City, Ohio.

We wait to see what God has for them next. Eric’s heart is for missions, as our June 13 post indicates. This requires a great deal of financial support, but God’s vision always receives His PROvision—and Eric and LaVonne are waiting on the fulfillment of a stack of exciting prophecies.

Even so, Eric and LaVonne are open to whatever the Lord requires of them. Recently, some of the ladies from the Springfield church approached LaVonne to continue mentoring them, which has led to monthly ladies meetings in one lady’s home in Springfield, that began last month.

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