04 Apr 2011

They danced with God!

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“Today New Hope Danced with God!” Not our words but those of Pastor Kevin Moehn, the Senior Pastor of New Hope Foursquare Church, Springfield, Ohio.

Pastor Kevin Moehn & Pastor Miguel Ten
Pastor Kevin Moehn & Pastor Miguel Ten

We had already decided we were going to ordain Pastor Miguel Ten when Pastor Kevin approached him to take his church for 7 weeks or so while on sabbatical. It was a confirmation from the Lord¬† — and a total surprise to Miguel, who had never been asked to do anything like it before and he wasn’t even ordained yet! Pastor Kevin told him that the Holy Spirit had identified him as the one to deputize for him and he said he doesn’t give his church to just anyone. Then Pastor Kevin made his church available to us for the ordination service.

Well Pastor Miguel recently completed his 7-8 weeks of services at New Hope and this is what Pastor Kevin wrote about it on Facebook to his congregation on his return:

“I want to thank my dear colleague, Pastor Miguel Ten, for his bold but tender care of you in my absence. His style is different, his personality is charismatic and his obedience to the Lord is pure. I am indebted to him for his passionate ministry at New Hope. I cherish our relationship and look forward to the future partnership of reaching our community for Jesus Christ and seeing God’s church explode with power and favor to the Glory of God. Pastor Miguel, you always have a home here at New Hope.”

Pastor Miguel gave his all…. and one of the things he passionately encouraged was to be free to worship and to dance before the Lord; and this is what Pastor Kevin posted on his own page on Facebook yesterday:

“Today at New Hope something broke loose from us, we felt a closeness with God that was fresh and new. It was like an “oil of gladness” covered us and no problem from the outside was allowed in. There were eruptions of Praise as well as quiet holy worship. There was a moment where I watched as adults opened up their hearts as children and danced before their God with beautiful childlike innocence and joy.

“During one of our songs as I stood with outstretched arms praying, it seemed as if a reverent hush fell upon us all and then it happened, God’s presence invaded our worship, as if King Jesus had walked into the room, and no one could remain silent. From the depth of our spirit shouts of praise and joy toward our Lord Jesus Christ lifted the roof and entered heavens throne room. In that Moment I sensed the Heavenly Angels who had been covering us begin to worship with us and blessing saturated the room. At the Spirit’s call we marched around the sanctuary singing. It was as if we were marching into His heavenly temple to present our praise to the Lord of Lords.

Psalm 68:3 But let the righteous be glad; let them rejoice before God: yea, let them exceedingly rejoice.

Today New Hope Danced with God!”

How wonderful is that!

Now, we are not posting this to glorify any man nor do we seek to claim anything for Lion and Eagle Ministries. It’s all the work of the Holy Spirit to the glory of God.

But why should we not celebrate and publicize to God’s glory, the fruit of two men moving in obedience to God and God moving so lovingly and powerfully in the lives of his people? God bless Pastor Miguel and Pastor Kevin for their obedience to the leading of the Holy Spirit. And God bless Pastor Miguel for his love, passion for the Lord, diligence and commitment.


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