14 Apr 2017

TGIGF — Thank God it’s Good Friday!

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Men put up memorials and statues to remember their victories and heroes, but the greatest hero and the greatest victory of all is remembered, not by lifeless stone or metal, but by a rugged wooden cross on which Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died as the once-for-all, everlasting sacrifice to atone for the sins of men, and by the bread and wine of Holy Communion—symbols of His body broken on the cross and of the blood that He shed.

Two thousand years later, the cross of Christ has lost none of its power, nor has His blood lost one drop of power to cleanse us from sin. And our greatest hero, our wonderful Saviour, is very much alive—Jesus, the same yesterday, today and forever! (Hebrews 13:8)

Thank God it’s Good Friday!

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