Prayer partners

We welcome as our prayer partners all those who wish to commit to pray for this ministry on a regular basis.

If that’s you, then please contact us right away – we want to hear from you to add you to our prayer team and keep you updated with our prayer needs.

Nothing happens without prayer. Those who support us in prayer are are our co-workers and cheerleaders…. You watch our backs, watch our steps, and keep our heads up  and our arms raised!

You are vitally important to us!   So please contact us now. And thank you all for your prayers!


Financial partners

We know our ministry is good fertile soil to sow into and from which  God will provide you with an abundant harvest of blessings and favor in health, wealth and happiness…

We know that those  who give sacrificially to the work of God, receive benefits from God that are infinitely greater and better than those that any taxman can bestow… and not just in finances!

As our  financial partners, you will share in the blessings and rewards for all we do for God just as though you’re constantly working with us and cheering us on. You are so important to us!

If you would like to partner with us in terms of  monthly contributions of any amount direct from your account, just let us know. We will then contact you to make the necessary arrangements.

For those who wish to make a one-time or occasional gift, you may give securely and easily by clicking the ‘Donate’ button, using Paypal or your credit or debit card.

Alternatively, to send your gift in cash or by check or money order, please contact us.

Please make checks and money orders payable to: ‘Lion and Eagle Ministries.’ From outside the USA, international money orders only please.

God bless you!  He will ….abundantly!will!