06 May 2012


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The LECC Men’s Bowling Team, comprising Pastor Ron Hammond, Zack Harmon, Joshua Grace and Randy Hammond, continues to lead the league it is part of at Stardust Lanes in Grove City, Ohio.

We are now down to the last two weeks of the 16 week winter-spring season, and they have improved to where they are now expecting a 500+ games. Here is the scorecard from one such game yesterday morning.

Bowling Card

Not bad when you consider two of our players are legally blind, one in one eye, and another in both eyes! The latter is Joshua Grace who scored 135! When asked about it, he said, “It’s all GOD!”

AMEN, Josh! Of course, we’re believing for the total restoration of their sight. Then, who knows what the team scores will be!

Through April, we have been busy with church, enjoying phenomenal meetings with supernatural visitations. It has been difficult to stand and preach a message!

We’ve had times of total silence, just resting in God’s presence. We love His Presence!

LaVonne has twice been out in April to sing and share at Christian women’s groups in the city. They always ask her at this time of the year; and one of these groups has invited her to join them.

God is so good; and it’s an awesome privilege to serve Him!


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