09 Aug 2011


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LaVonne was up very early yesterday to take Helen [name changed], one of our flock at the Hilltop Seniors Village to O.S.U. Medical Center for surgery. We had prayed many times for her healing but were peaceful that God wanted to use this excellent hospital and had His reason for doing so. That reason, we found out, was to save another patient.

When we went to visit Helen at the hospital today, we went to the right room number but in the wrong hospital wing. O.S.U. Medical Center is huge. A voice said, “Oh, are you here for Paula?” [Again, name changed] “No, but we could be…. we’re pastors…. would Paula like us to pray for her?” Yes, she would. “Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior?” LaVonne asked Paula, prompted by the Holy Spirit. “No, ma’am,” came her reply. “Would you like to?” “Yes, ma’am.” So LaVonne led her in a short prayer for salvation, witnessed by Paula’s very best friend, who said she had been praying for this moment for years, and by Paula’s mom. Glory to God!

After we had visited with Helen, would you believe we met Paula’s friend and mom in the elevator going down! We even walked with Paula’s mom all the way to the parking garage; we found we were parked on the same level. She joked, “I bet I’m parked next to you!” She wasn’t but she was close by.

We learned that after we left Paula, she turned to her friend and told her she wants to go with her to bible-study on Wednesday. Hallelujah!

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