23 Oct 2011

Rainbow Fellowship

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We ministered at the Rainbow Christian Fellowship in Polegate, England, this evening where more than 50 people gathered in a home for a worship service followed by a fellowship meal.

Without any collusion whatsoever, the theme of the service was the greatness of God and our need to expect and attempt greater things for Him. The service flowed so well. Eric preached on “Expect Great Things From God.” LaVonne sang. We then ministered as people had need and as the Holy Spirit led us.

God’s power was much in evidence in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and healing. One 16 year old boy received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with his heavenly language and told LaVonne it had felt as if fire was being poured all over him. Adults and children fell out in the Spirit as we ministered.

During the service, a six year old boy stood and recited from memory the entirety of Psalm 91 …and was so eager to recite another! A girl of 12 preached that thousands had been added to the church in the Book of Acts through just two preachers. So how many would be added if we all preached the Gospel with the same fire? She has a point — a very good point! The fellowship is to be commended for their nurturing of their children — because they’re clearly doing a wonderful job! The children prayed and interceded with great fervor.

One Indian gentleman shared that, the last time we were there, LaVonne had prophesied a financial blessing coming his way. He told us it came in a way he had not expected and that it had enabled him to buy a house at a very good price.

Eric ministered to him and he fell out in the Spirit. Later, he shared that he had seen us ministering all around the world. He had also seen our hands filled with the money to finance it. When Eric then told him how little in fact we receive from England, he said he would begin sending us support.

We are eager to preach the Gospel around the world but we need people with the vision and resources to send us.


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