Q14. Answer


The term “fundamentalist” seems nearly always used of Christians in a derogatory or dismissive sense by news media and secularists. This simply should not be!

The Bible is the moral code and handbook that underpins all western civilisation.

And Jesus Christ, Whom it’s all about from first to last, lived a perfect life. He never took up arms; He never killed or injured anyone; but He healed everyone who came to Him; and throughout His life, He perfectly demonstrated the unconditional love of God for all mankind. He was so radical!

One of His many radical teachings was: “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you..” (Matthew 5:44).

Now that’s fundamental Christianity! And it’s good! It’s very good!

However, society rejected Jesus then; and society rejects Him still. There are those who want to write Him out of Christmas! They want Him out of all public places. They want the Ten Commandments out of courthouses!

Nevertheless, Jesus’ teachings are the bedrock of modern society. The danger lies in society turning its back on them. Jesus warned that a house built on sand will fall. And great will be its fall. (Matthew 5:26 -27)

There are sports fans everywhere who will dye their hair, paint their face, wear their idols’ team shirt and celebrate a score or victory by jumping up and down and shouting and singing and raising their arms, and no one thinks that goofy or strange behaviour. But if Christians do anything remotely similar in their celebration of Jesus Christ, they’re branded “fundamentalist” and “extreme”.

That there are Christians today, who are unashamedly passionate about Jesus and His ways, should be celebrated, not deprecated. Jesus won the greatest victory there’s ever been or ever will be!

There’s every reason to celebrate it and publicize it! Yes, it’s fundamentalist…. it’s fundamental to the future of the human race.

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