17 Jun 2021

Pastor Ordination

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After due process and inquiry, it was our pleasure to ordain David L. March Sr. in the office of Pastor this evening. As with everyone whom we ordain, we ordain them not just for our church but for the Church.

The air was heavy with the Lord’s Presence and prophetic words came that, unknown to the givers, matched and confirmed prophetic words given to David earlier in his ministry journey. Even the lyrics of the little-known song with which we closed the service, matched details of his journey so far. The Lord had impressed that song upon us; we had intended to finish with a different song. We had no idea just how intimately the Lord intended to minister to David through it.

So the Lord’s hand was upon his ordination from before to last, and we are excited to watch and see how the Lord leads Pastor David L. March Sr. from this day forward.

To view a list of our ordained people and learn our approach to ordinations, click here.

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