23 Mar 2013

Overcome Fear

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Interesting that our Personalized Scriptures Against Fear is currently our fastest-moving download. There’s a lot of fear in the world; but for the Christian who is fully embracing and embraced by God’s love, fear is totally cast down.

Well, that’s the ideal; but in our humanity we usually struggle to overcome our fears. Always remember that when fear comes knocking, faith answers the door!

Our faith is not to be in our circumstances but in the One who can change our circumstances, created all things, wrote the Book and always knows the end from the beginning. He is the One who knows all things and is all-powerful — able to do the impossible and to save us to the uttermost. He never fails and His love never fails. He is not confined by nature, circumstances or natural reasoning. He is God. He can do anything! When you belong to Him, nothing can separate you from His love and you can never be snatched from His hand.

Is all this Scripture? Yes, it is — and you better believe it! When you step out in faith in Him, you will find Him totally trustworthy.

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