16 Jul 2011

Out of the Box

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On Saturday July 16 we were in Springfield, Ohio, again — a Springfield pastor joked we should open an office there and told us he knows just the building!

We were there for the ordination of a street evangelist named Duke who walks, maybe even stalks you might say, the streets of the city.

He was not ordained under LEMI — we were just among a number of pastors who were invited to participate; and as this was very much a Springfield affair, it was an honor for us to be invited from Columbus.

No ordinary ordination this, for the Holy Spirit directed it to be held publicly in the street, not inside a church building. Quite appropriate, don’t you think, for a street evangelist? God is not confined to church buildings. He is not inside the box of man’s limited thinking. So the event took place in downtown Springfield between the Courtyard Marriott Hotel and the Old City Hall.

God was pleased… and it was a powerful and special time for all of us there… especially, of course, for Duke!

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