15 May 2011

No Cancer!

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At our service this afternoon at the Hilltop Seniors Village, a mother thanked us for our prayers last time for her daughter, who was facing a cancer operation. When they opened her up, they found NO cancer! Praise Jesus!

In our morning service, Josh testified that since Monday’s healing class, he’s been able to see in the dark and one eye is no longer astigmatic. He’s receiving progressive healing from legal blindness.  By the way, his mother continues perfectly healed in her knee, walking up stairs and so on – doing the things she couldn’t do before. The healings of the Lord are permanent. Glory to His Name!

He also told us that during our worship this morning he sensed a holy presence standing right beside him and felt what seemed like an angel’s wing brushing against his arm. And, a woman, listening to our worship one floor above us, told us she had experienced the presence of God so powerfully she had just cried and cried. “I was bawling my eyes out!” she said. Hallelujah!

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