28 Nov 2010

House of Worship

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We ministered at the House of Worship Church of God, Kenton, Ohio, at the invitation of Pastor Doral Sharp.

With Pastor Doral & wife PaulaEric preached on healing and all kinds of ministry followed his message, e.g. he prayed for a lady with osteoporosis in Jesus’ name and through the power of God  she straightened up; he prayed for a sight problem in one eye and was told, “It’s better… I can see through it now.”

As well as ministering healing, LaVonne also gave prophetic words for the church and for individuals. She sang prophetically over a lady who received it with tears of emotion. One woman was demonstrably delivered of something; another received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Doral wants us to return in February to teach some healing classes and maybe that will lead to some classes on the prophetic too.

He shared that the Lord told him He was sending  him a couple to help birth some new ministries in his church. We are that couple. We give thanks and all the glory to Jesus!

23 Nov 2010

Open Hearts

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LaVonne was PennLaVonne and Penny Reeves on the set of Open Heartsy Reeves’ guest today on Open Hearts, a new Christian women’s television talk show that presently goes out over the internet on live stream from Harvest Television Network’s studios in Springfield, Ohio. The video is available on demand and  here is a link to  it. Today’s show was on the importance of prayer.

This new series is presently being piloted on the internet: HTN expect to air them on live TV real soon. When they start going out over regular TV, they want LaVonne to come back for another show. They also indicated they want us both for another Living Faith show before long.

22 Nov 2010

Miami Valley Hospital

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We were at the Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio, to pray for a young man aged 24 at the request of his family. He has been battling cancer for the last 3-4 years and was having further surgery today for a tumor on his spine. It was high risk and the medical prognosis poor. We led him to rededicate his life to Jesus and ministered at his bedside before the operation. His mother later called to say it was a miracle that 99 per cent of the tumor was removed by the surgeon without damaging his ability to walk. Praise God! Please join your faith with ours in agreeing that Jesus has killed all cancer in his body and he is a new creation in Christ. He shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord! (Psalm 118:17)

14 Nov 2010

Hilltop Seniors Village

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Floyd & Dorthea exchange wedding vowsHilltop Seniors Village is a community of 200 residences for the over 55s on the west side of Columbus, Ohio. A retired pastor, a resident, was conducting services there on Sunday afternoons until forced to discontinue on health grounds. We have now taken over from him as an outreach of Lion and Eagle Christian Center. Our first service there was today.

It was a blessing!

An even greater blessing was to be asked to conduct the wedding of an elderly couple, Floyd and Dorthea, immediately after the service!

12 Nov 2010

Extended Ministry

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LaVonne is visiting a young woman in a correctional facility’s drugs rehabilitation center. She recently gave her heart to Jesus and LaVonne has been discipling her in the basics of the faith.

Today, on her usual visit, she was intercepted by another young lady, an inmate, who had a brighter countenance than others around her and who asked her, “Are you Wendy’s* pastor?” LaVonne said that she was. The  young woman told her that after each discipleship session Wendy has been passing on what she’s been learning to her sister inmates, of whom she is one, and they have been greatly blessed.  [*Wendy is not her real name.]

We have also been discipling a young couple in our church. Using what they learned in the session on evangelism, they led their house-mate to Christ; and he came with them to our Sunday morning service. Now they are going to be discipling him!

09 Nov 2010

Mid-Ohio Foodbank

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We went along to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank in Grove City, Ohio to help with the sorting and packing of free food for distribution to needy families throughout Ohio. It was a very rewarding and educational time.

31 Oct 2010

Missionaries return

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Missionaries Howard & Barbara Gard returned to us after six months – they must love us! They spoke with particular regard for the Church in America to wake up to the threat from Islam within its borders.

We do NOT want America to go the way of the UK. It will, unless the country re-asserts and promotes its Christian heritage as a country founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Freedom of religion is not guaranteed by Islam. Sharia law is.

Islam will avail itself of the freedom of religion until it is in a position to deny it to other faiths.  Just witness the persecution and driving out of Christians from Iraq, and how difficult it is to practise Christianity in Islamic nations. The threat is obvious. It’s frightening that it is being ignored in hopes it will simply “go away;” but it will NOT just “go away;” it will grow unless something is done.

02 Oct 2010

Columbus Prayer Summit 2010

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Held on October 2nd at the University Plaza Hotel, Pastor Eric led prayer for Europe and for European nationals in the city of Columbus.

Pastor Eric speaking at the Columbus Prayer Summit

He spoke of: (a) the economic belt-tightening that is increasingly taking place in Europe leading to strikes and civil unrest; (b) the increase and appeasement of Islam while Christians are denied the freedom freely to propagate the Gospel, publicly practise their faith and even wear a cross at work; (c) civil liberties being withdrawn and an undemocratic EU increasing in influence; (d) the lowering of the reputation of the Church as a whole through the immorality of some clergy; and (e) the darkness over Europe where fewer and fewer people are Church attenders and fewer still are true Christians.

He strongly warned against the same trends in America and prayed for revival in both Europe and America. He called on the Church in Europe and America to wake up and earnestly contend for the Christian faith and our basic freedoms.

The next speaker, who spoke on the Middle East, an eminent man of some distinction, indorsed all that Eric said and thanked him for speaking the truth. He too pleaded for pastors and Christians in America to wake up to the serious issues that threaten Christianity in the West.

01 Oct 2010

Miracle Babies

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Babies are always God’s miracles, for all life comes from Him. Even so, we’ll claim an “assist” in miracle babies for two couples who have experienced big problems.

Proud parents with baby
Proud parents with baby

One couple we ministered to in our healing school in Springfield, and prophesied twins, are now expecting twins!

The second couple (pictured right) attended our healing school in Columbus. Michelle was healed of a nodule in a breast and now at the age of 41 has given birth to a baby boy after a blissfully easy pregnancy in marked contrast to all previous attempts. They write: “Your prayers and encouragement come to mind often when we look at the beautiful son that we now hold in our arms.” Glory to God!

30 Sep 2010

Archived news from previous website

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We thought some could be interested in our earlier news entries from our previous website which began in January 2009.

The fonts and format have not transferred consistently and there are no images; but the entries are readable for the determined. The previous site used a wholly different system, hence the variations.

We may work at reinserting images at a later date. The format variations we can’t do anything about, unless we  literally retype everything. Who knows, we may get around to doing that too.

Click here for September to January 2010.

Click here for 2009.