31 Oct 2010

Missionaries return

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Missionaries Howard & Barbara Gard returned to us after six months – they must love us! They spoke with particular regard for the Church in America to wake up to the threat from Islam within its borders.

We do NOT want America to go the way of the UK. It will, unless the country re-asserts and promotes its Christian heritage as a country founded on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Freedom of religion is not guaranteed by Islam. Sharia law is.

Islam will avail itself of the freedom of religion until it is in a position to deny it to other faiths.  Just witness the persecution and driving out of Christians from Iraq, and how difficult it is to practise Christianity in Islamic nations. The threat is obvious. It’s frightening that it is being ignored in hopes it will simply “go away;” but it will NOT just “go away;” it will grow unless something is done.

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