Kingdom Schools




The years ahead will be extremely challenging and hazardous for those who do not live in the reality of the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

These courses are designed to teach believers the how-to of just that… how to experience the reality of living in the supernatural every day.

Graduates of this course can expect to be empowered and equipped to represent the Kingdom in power wherever they go.


Students cover such topics as:

  • The Kingdom Mindset
  • Kingdom Invasion
  • Kingdom Decrees
  • Field of Dreams
  • Spiritual Gates, Doors and Portals
  • Apostolic Harvesting

We do recommend that students on this course should also undertake the healing courses. Divine healing and living by faith are going to become so vitally and increasingly important in these days….

How much better to get wisdom than gold! And to get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver. (Proverbs 16:16)


“I Saw Heaven”

Crown of goldWe offer this course as part of our Kingdom Schools. Is Heaven real? Where is Heaven? What is Heaven, and how is it organized? What is life like in Heaven? Are the streets really made of gold? Are there really mansions there? What really happens when a Christian passes from this life?

Such questions, and many more besides, pass through our minds whenever we contemplate eternity in Heaven.

In the “I Saw Heaven” course you will hear the accounts of sincere people who claim to have been taken to Heaven and to have been sent back to share with us their experiences.

What is remarkable is the measure of agreement in the detail of their accounts, despite their different natures, backgrounds, and generations – some are even medical doctors – and their accounts are backed up by the Bible.

Some of them also claim to have experienced Hell. God wants people to know about both places, Heaven and Hell, for them to be able to make an educated choice of their eternal home.

Students will of course make up their own minds about what they see and hear during this course; but we are confident this course will:

  • Open understanding of the reality of Heaven and Hell…
  • Increase wonder, love and praise for the God of Heaven and for our wonderful Redeemer, Jesus Christ…
  • Increase faith measure upon measure!
  • Comfort and encourage believers as they approach their home-going.

Those who came to the first “I Saw Heaven” were so “wowed” by it that after the first class they asked us to repeat it so they could invite others.  We have been asked to present this course by other churches and pastors.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.(Genesis 1:1)