Healing Schools


Healing the sickPastors Eric and LaVonne conduct Healing Schools.

We teach biblical healing in Jesus’ Name according to the Gospels. We are ordained healing ministers.

There are many teachers of so-called “divine healing,” or “holistic healing,” but  if their teaching is not wholly biblical in source and content, it can and often does leave a person in a worse state and condition. Christ never did that. He healed all who came to Him and made them whole.  

Specialist training in healing the sick is so vital in God’s Kingdom purposes and plans. And healing the sick is a very important tool for evangelism.

This is what you can expect from our healing classes  :

  • Believers see miracles happen as they lay their own hands on the sick!
  • Their faith, confidence and competence increase!
  • They minister with new authority!
  • It’s good even for the experienced to refresh their knowledge; and perhaps even learn something new.

There is a registration fee for each course but a spouse comes free – one fee and one set of books per married couple.

Freewill offerings are received at every class.

The right is reserved to suspend or interrupt course schedules in cases of emergency, necessity or other reasonable cause.

Students can join a course part-way through. They can either catch up on missed modules or simply roll on into the course that follows.

Many choose to repeat the courses because they’re fun, great fellowship, and there’s always more to learn.

We especially want the sick to come to classes, without obligation and free of charge, just to be healed and so that students gain practical experience. Come also just to sit in a class and witness a miracle. Bring a friend!


A man shares his experience of a healing miracle


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Our Courses


Through this comprehensive 10 week course centered on the teaching of Charles & Frances Hunter and their daughter Joan, you will be empowered and equipped to heal the sick with consistent and increasing success! Yes, YOU! Witness actual visible miracles as YOU lay YOUR hands on the sick! This course WILL revolutionize your life and ministry! You will never be the same!

Reference books are provided which are yours to keep together with other valuable course materials*. A certificate will be issued to those who read the books and who complete all the modules satisfactorily.

Watch this fun video

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An 18 week course recommended for graduates of the 10 week course which is a prerequisite. It is no substitute for the latter but will add to it line upon line, precept upon precept. A work book will be provided which is yours to keep. A certificate will be issued to those who complete all the modules satisfactorily.


A woman’s heavy burden removed

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He sent them to preach the Kingdom of God and heal the sick (Luke 9:2)