24 Jul 2012

Kneel and pray

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We had a great time ministering healing to everyone in a house group tonight in Eastbourne, Sussex, England. One man, asked by LaVonne to do something he couldn’t do, looked around the room and said: “I’ve never been able to kneel and pray… Have any of you seen me kneeling in prayer?” They all agreed that no one had.

His knees had been damaged by a car that had been deliberately driven into him; but there he was, kneeling comfortably in front of us all in an attitude of prayer. Eric had felt the bones and ligaments moving into place under his hands.

There were other highlights: Eric ministered to a woman who was healed of traumas and disappointments in her past. She became tearful and fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. She rested in the Spirit for some time. She said she felt such peace.

We ministered to a gentleman for a few things, who then said: “There’s one more thing!” LaVonne stopped him before he could say any more and told him, “I know. The Lord’s told me you have a lung problem.” She was exactly right. So she ministered healing to his lung.

A wonderful evening to the glory of God!




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