29 May 2012

Isn’t Jesus Wonderful!

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We were enjoying a friends and family get-together where we were introduced to a young woman named Monica (named changed).

Monica said there was never a day that she was not in pain from fibromyalgia. She told us she had heard in answer to prayer that her healing would come when she was over her grief for her prematurely deceased father. We asked how long she had been grieving, and she said 4 years. We told her that it was time to shed her grief and sorrow, because, according to the Bible, Jesus has borne our griefs and sorrows. Grieving is a natural process but prolonged grieving can open the door to sickness; and we felt this is what had occurred with Monica.

She was willing to be led in a simple prayer to release her grief to Jesus, and then we ministered to her for her healing.

She then tried out her newly-healed body by bending and twisting; and she felt no pain! Isn’t Jesus Wonderful!

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