18 Aug 2013

“How Did You Know?!”

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“How Did You Know?!” A man fired this question at LaVonne three times. She was preaching and ministering healing at New Life of Springfield, Ohio. She had walked up to him and put her fingers in his ears; and when she pulled them out, he was left reeling from the explosion of sound, his hearing restored. How did she know? She was simply obedient to what the Holy Spirit was telling her!

A lady began bawling her eyes out because she had just raised her legs while seated – something she had not been able to do; she also raised both her arms above her head – again something she couldn’t previously do.

It was such an amazing service, LaVonne says she can’t remember all that happened.

A man said he had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit but could not speak in tongues. Under the Holy Spirit’s direction, LaVonne had a little boy touch him and pray; the man fell down on the floor under the power of God. Then, as the Spirit led her, she had the boy put his hand on the man’s stomach; the man exploded into his new heavenly language.

LaVonne just flowed in the anointing having a great time as God led her. She says God had the whole church body ministering to each other. God was especially using the little children. A 10 year old boy ministered to people repeating what the Spirit was telling LaVonne he should say and the people were falling on the floor.

LaVonne could see whom God was calling out for ministry. She had words from the Lord for some.

There were tears of joy as people had needs met. So LaVonne had a lady stand with her holding a box of tissues. This lady got her knee healed and also a vision of herself on foreign mission fields holding tissues for the speakers as they minister. One suspects she will be one doing the ministering!

The Holy Spirit told LaVonne to minister while holding a particular baby in her arms; so she did for some time and the baby was beaming up at her the whole time. Then the Spirit said to tell the mother her baby will be alright now. So she did. LaVonne has no idea what the baby’s problem was.

We could go on and on. We would be glad to hear of more fruit from this service in due course. Send us your praise reports. LaVonne did only as the Holt Spirit gave direction.

Since the above was posted, we received the following in an email: Subject-line: Wonderful meeting!!!” Narrative: “What a blessed meeting we had on Sunday night. WOW!!! The Lord has so equipped and blessed you and is using you mightily in His Kingdom…………………………..Again, what a powerful meeting in God and His presence was soooooooooo rich!!!”

To God be the glory! Amen.



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