31 Mar 2015

Good Friday

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Why is iJesus bore our sinst “Good”?   It’s good because a way was made for us to be eternally free from the consequences of sin, if we want. Believe me you do want, for the alternative is an unimaginably bad eternity separated from God and all things good.

A once-for-all sacrifice for sin and evil was made for us by God Himself. Jesus, the Son of God, died sinless on a Roman cross; and God the Father accepted the sacrifice of His Son as the perfect atonement for all our evil thoughts, evil deeds, evil acts and evil neglects and omissions — in short our “sins.”

Ever since, we have all had the right to spiritual rebirth and an eternal, loving relationship with a loving God, simply by believing in what Jesus did for us and by being willing to admit our failings and to let Him change us from the inside out. Millions of Christians can testify today to the reality of their life relationship with Jesus; and eloquent testimony is also given from the fact that Christianity continues more than 2,000 years later, despite being the most persecuted faith on the planet, and Christian charities and ministries are a powerful force for good in the world.

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