09 Apr 2012

Going west side

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With our God-led interest in a church on the Columbus west side, it makes no sense to continue with the church-share in Orient, so we have decided to come “home’ and resume as a house church at 1035 Drayson Drive Galloway Ohio until God moves us in to our new place.

This is a whole lot more convenient for our people who all live on the west side. None of the good people of Orient decided to join us, nor were they interested in our free bread, so there’s no sense of loss either way. Are we in any sense grieved about that? No. It would have been a blessing but people have freewill. Did we mishear God in going there? No. We believe God took us there for a short season to prepare us for our own premises and to teach us some things. We’ve been faithful and we’ve been teachable. And now we’re excited about getting a place of our own. This is in no sense a backward step but a step forward in faith for what we believe God is showing us.

So with effect from this coming Saturday at 6:00 p.m., April 14, our services will be at our Galloway address, as they were until the end of 2011. Come and join us. We will continue with Saturday night church; but when we have our new building, we will go back to Sunday morning services.


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