30 Jul 2016

God’s Directions Are Always Best

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LaVonne flew to England to be with Eric for a two-month period on January 26. The Lord woke her up very early one morning telling her to book a flight and to do it right away. He even said which agency to use. The agency informed her there was a cheap ticket on offer via Chicago, which LaVonne dislikes using as a hub airport; but because of the low price and the Lord telling her to go that way, she went ahead and purchased the ticket.

So she flew out of Chicago on January 26 and into London Heathrow on January 27. This was the Lord’s perfect timing, because Eric’s father passed away suddenly on January 26, aged 90. Therefore, when Eric so needed his wife to be with him, she was already on her way! Father God knew He was calling Eric’s dad home, and Father God made the necessary arrangements.

polar-bearWinter Storm Jonas, a severe category 5 winter blizzard of historic proportions, blew over the eastern seaboard of the United States between January 22 and 24. The Washington Post renamed the storm “Snowzilla.” It closed all of LaVonne’s preferred hub airports and was still disrupting travel plans as late as January 29. Chicago’s O’Hare airport, however, was unscathed. The captain announced they were leaving the gate 15 minutes early to avoid a snow-front that was coming in. LaVonne had a hassle-free trip.

Furthermore, LaVonne’s length of stay was enough for them to manage their father’s funeral and probate and a host of other practical things, which went through very smoothly. Eric found a cheap ticket to fly back to the States with LaVonne on her return flight, and they flew out of Heathrow at the end of March with everything taken care of!

Praise God, somebody! And, praise God for an awesome thanksgiving service for Eric’s father’s life and that he is now reunited in heaven with Eric’s mother.


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