29 Apr 2018

God of Comfort

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We’re ‘loitering with intent’ in a cancer hospital lobby seeking whom God would have us to pray for/minister to. Eric has prayed for some but LaVonne is concerned she has not prayed for anyone. “Perhaps you’re here on assignment to minister to just one person who hasn’t appeared yet,” suggests Eric. Almost immediately, along comes Linda* in obvious distress.
LaVonne beckons to her and Linda collapses in LaVonne’s arms, crying on her shoulder.  Linda has just been told to consider turning off her husband’s life support. LaVonne whispers words of comfort in her ear. Divine appointment, right time, right place. Her tears cease, and peace comes. God is here.
Eric asks, “Do you want to believe for a miracle?”  Linda says no. Her husband has been battling cancer now for more than 6 months, has had organs removed and now his colon is punctured, leaking infection everywhere. Her husband is “wore-out” she says; it’s his time to go. Linda and her husband are both Christians. He will be home with Jesus and his suffering will be ended. So LaVonne prays with Linda and adds that she will ask God to send her people to come alongside and comfort her. Linda quickly replies, “He already has!

*Name changed

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