19 Oct 2011

God in action

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We’ve enjoyed some powerful ministry these past two days. First, we ministered Sozo to a woman who went from seeing Father God as a faceless dummy, sensing nothing from Him at all, to joyfully walking arm in arm between Father and Jesus — with the Holy Spirit twirling around the three of them! Unprompted by us, she said it was great to be delivered so gently.

Secondly, we ministered to a group in Heathfield with prophetic words and the power of God flowing in abundance in the room. People fell out and were set free. They were encouraged by the words they received.

One of the group was an 87 year old former pastor whom LaVonne had glimpsed in the Spirit days before we saw him in the flesh at this meeting having never met him before. We sensed he had something to impart to us — and so we made sure we received it from him. We were blessed!

A man fell out as Eric ministered to him and later shared how he felt like cold water had been poured over him and through him from head to toe. Years of bitterness and resentments had been washed away leaving him with no grudges whatsoever. He had gone home feeling like he was floating 2 feet off the ground.

God is good!

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