Global Ministry


Lion and Eagle Ministries International seeks to refresh the saints, spread the Gospel, and kindle revival fires wherever the Lord sends.

Invitations are received from around the world almost daily and the ministry must be directed by the Lord in choosing ones to accept.  We prayerfully seek the Lord’s confirmation and His timing in all things.World Map

Pastor Eric has been many times to India on missions, and twice to Brazil with Pastor LaVonne. They have of course ministered together in England and separately on mainland Europe.

They have a great heart for missions which is of course not the great suggestion but the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20.

The ability to fund international missions depends on generous donors… and we are grateful to all who respond to God’s call to give financially for missions.

Many churches have been revived on our mission trips abroad… and many churches and pastors abroad have chosen to affiliate with LEMI.

In terms of affiliation and relationships with other ministries, we have no formal arrangements but simply welcome those who identify with us in whatever ways the Lord may lead them.

Affiliation with LEMI secures apostolic spiritual covering and counsel for churches and ministers abroad, as may be needed, but does not secure financial or material aid from LEMI.  If already affiliated to or networked with other organizations or church denominations, there is no need to come under our covering. If you are totally without a covering, we would consider your application for affiliation sympathetically. A comprehensive and detailed application must be completed.