30 Nov 2014


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It’s been some time since we updated you with our news.

Thanking God for SkypeWe completed our move from the Coach House in the month of October, as we were asked (see August 21); and LaVonne flew back to America on November 14, resuming as an associate pastor to New Life Church of Springfield. It means so much to LaVonne to be home with her family over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year,  and for the first time in 3 years.

Eric remains in England as his father’s full-time carer.

Ours is not a conventional marriage. God declared it to be “not just a marriage but a ministry”, and He has affirmed this several times since. Occasional periods of separation were seen to lie ahead. This is one of those times…and Skype gets a lot of use every day

That God brought us together is clear; and He does nothing without purpose. However, His principal purpose has yet to be revealed. Eric, in particular, has been told in prophecies that he has not yet begun to touch the thing that God has destined him for — all he has seen and done until now has simply been preparation for the big picture. Eric has done much for Jesus, but obviously not yet the main thing!

So as we wait on the Lord, we serve Him as He gives us opportunity. For now, we are separately serving in two churches – New Life of Springfield, Ohio in the States and Elim Family Church in Eastbourne, Sussex, England.

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