06 Oct 2012

Encounter of the Kroger Kind

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LaVonne was in her local Kroger store in Columbus Ohio today and saw a man walking with “duck feet” — his feet turned outwards. She thought to pray for him; so when an opportunity presented, she spoke to him.

She said, “Sometimes I pray for people and they get miracles! Can I pray for you?” He simply said, “OK.” LaVonne said, “Is that your wife?”  (They both were pushing carts.) The woman said she was. So LaVonne said, “Come on over here and put your hands on his hips!” So his wife placed her hands on her husband’s hips from the front, while LaVonne prayed from behind.

The Spirit of God began giving LaVonne revelation after revelation of things wrong with the man’s health; and she prayed for him as God directed. This was not in a church building but in public in a local Kroger superstore. The power of God came upon this man so strong he almost fell on the floor right there in the store!

The man has no idea who LaVonne is; but he surely knows he had a divine encounter!

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