21 Oct 2012

Death to Life

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We were in church in groups on a Sunday evening prophesying to each other…except for one man who had chosen to sit solitary and alone, but evidently listening. He had been sent to the church by the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team. They patrol the cliffs above Eastbourne  watching out for the lonely, depressed and desperate, for these cliffs are  a notorious suicide spot.

We were almost through praying for the last member of our group, getting and giving some wonderful prophetic words, when Paul (name changed) decided to leave his isolation and join us. He wanted prayer and to be prophesied to; and the group readily obliged.

A word that Eric was giving him struck home with Paul who stretched out his hand for Eric to take it. Every member of the group gave Paul words of comfort and encouragement; and the love of God was overflowing.

Finally, everyone’s evening was complete when Paul said he wanted to turn his life over to Jesus. With tears in his eyes, he experienced God’s love and transforming power.

Paul had passed from death to life! This is church!

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