21 Mar 2020

Coronavirus Pandemic

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World in crisis

Christ alone is the stability, the sure foundation of our times (Isaiah 33:6)

What a title to our New Year message, “Christ Our Confidence 2020.” Now, almost a quarter of the way through 2020, we are confronted with the coronavirus and a global crisis of confidence. Panic-buying, store shelves being stripped. Cities and borders and international and local travel locked down, social distancing.

What shall we say in answer to all this? The same as we said at the turn of the year. For the Christian, Christ is our confidence. We are safe and secure in Him, “the Rock of all ages.” His banner over us truly is LOVE. Nothing and no one can separate us from His Love, and no power can snatch us from His hand. He never leaves us. He never forsakes us.

He is always 100% on our side– Provider, Healer, Shepherd, Refuge and Deliverer. And, therefore, as His people, we can be totally assured and confident. Have faith in God.

He is the Truth that never changes. He is the Way that never deviates. He is the Life that is truly Life. Not a drug-fueled, booze-fueled, sex-fueled counterfeit.

In a world that is always in a spin, His cross stands.

Do you know Him? His door is open to you, no matter what you have done.

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