17 Dec 2018

Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry

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For the past two years, Eric and LaVonne have been eager students of the Columbus School of Supernatural Ministry [CSSM]; and, last evening, they were excited to graduate!

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No matter how long or far you have walked with God, and no matter what you have done for Jesus, there is always, always, always more of God to discover and learn and spiritual gifts you can activate or refresh. Therefore, it’s very important to stay hungry for more learning and to remain teachable. Pride puts the lid on your learning, humility is the elevator.

Revivalist Todd Bentley spoke and imparted to all the graduates. If you want to be consumed¬† with hunger and thirst for more of God, you need look no further than Todd Bentley’s ministry.

Todd Bentley ministersCSSM offers an excellent 2-year course based on Bethel School of Ministry’s curriculum out of Redding, California (Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton, and all) with some speakers coming over from there. CSSM is led superbly by Pastor Sean O’Rourke, an amazing teacher and who introduces the graduates in the video. The course includes prophetic activations, required reading, the submission of papers and marketplace outreaches. With their graduation certificates, Eric & LaVonne also received personal prophetic manifestos for their wall. C’mon, Jesus!

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