02 Oct 2010

Columbus Prayer Summit 2010

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Held on October 2nd at the University Plaza Hotel, Pastor Eric led prayer for Europe and for European nationals in the city of Columbus.

Pastor Eric speaking at the Columbus Prayer Summit

He spoke of: (a) the economic belt-tightening that is increasingly taking place in Europe leading to strikes and civil unrest; (b) the increase and appeasement of Islam while Christians are denied the freedom freely to propagate the Gospel, publicly practise their faith and even wear a cross at work; (c) civil liberties being withdrawn and an undemocratic EU increasing in influence; (d) the lowering of the reputation of the Church as a whole through the immorality of some clergy; and (e) the darkness over Europe where fewer and fewer people are Church attenders and fewer still are true Christians.

He strongly warned against the same trends in America and prayed for revival in both Europe and America. He called on the Church in Europe and America to wake up and earnestly contend for the Christian faith and our basic freedoms.

The next speaker, who spoke on the Middle East, an eminent man of some distinction, indorsed all that Eric said and thanked him for speaking the truth. He too pleaded for pastors and Christians in America to wake up to the serious issues that threaten Christianity in the West.

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