21 Aug 2014

Coach House Season’s End

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In the light of LaVonne’s new situation in the States — pastoring in Ohio with her family close by — the Servants with Jesus (SJW) have felt it right for them, and also a kindness to LaVonne, without acrimony to release her from any pressure and responsibility to return as a Custodian and to ask her and Eric to leave the apartment by the end of October. More time could be given if required.

All is very amicable; and the SJW express themselves very grateful to us, and to God, for all we have done for them since we came. LaVonne remains a member of the SJW; and while we remain in the Coach House we continue to serve, no longer out of obligation but courtesy.

LaVonne recrossed the Atlantic on August 6 and rejoined Eric in the Coach House. She has come for 3 months, with the blessing of the church in Springfield, to help Eric with the move and with his father who has been hospitalized since July 8.

It has become clear that Eric’s father can no longer live alone; and, therefore, Eric must leave the Coach House to be his daddy’s carer, sharing with him the flat that he and his father co-own. This was the very reason Eric & LaVonne came back to live in England in 2012. And this is how it is, until God directs otherwise. Placing Eric’s daddy in a care home is an option no one wants, as there are so many horror-stories of abuse in residential care homes and the fees are very high. His living in the Coach House was never an option — too many stairs and cobblestones!

One sees the God-incidence of the SJW giving Eric and LaVonne notice to leave, coinciding with their need to go anyway! God’s hand and timing can be seen very clearly.

Eric & LaVonne are excited to be entering yet another new season, even though, come November, it appears to involve them in another period of separation divided by the Atlantic Ocean.

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