18 Nov 2011

Church on the Streets

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Pastors Eric & Ron went with teams from a church in Springfield, Ohio on to the streets of that city at night.

We went to neighborhoods known for prostitution and addiction issues. These were bad areas where you never pray on the streets at night with your eyes closed! You keep your eyes open and stay alert.

We were taking Jesus to the people who need Him most. There were both men and women on the teams. Men ministered to men, and women to women.

Some turned and walked in the opposite direction when they saw us coming; and others crossed to the other side of the street; but many welcomed us and accepted prayer, and an invitation to church and to a free Thanksgiving Dinner.  We offered people prayer and whatever help we could give them. For example, a young man asked Pastor Eric to pray for his mother suffering from cancer.

There were a lot of young people in the teams. They supplied plenty of youthful fire and enthusiasm during what was a freezing night; and they were never discouraged by a refusal. They would get their message across anyway by singing: “Jesus, Lover of my soul….” They were full of joy and confidence. You couldn’t be otherwise, for you knew Jesus was with you and that you were doing what pleases Him.

We came away very fired up by the experience, as we knew we would. It’s what Jesus commanded; and it’s why He sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

We are going again with as many people from our church as wish to go with us. Let them also catch the fire and become trained; and then let’s set about doing the same in our own city.

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