06 Apr 2014

Catalysts for Change

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“Catalysts for change”: this was the core message of a prophetic word given by visiting speaker Eugene May to LaVonne & Eric at a church in Croydon this morning.

Eugene (Gene) and Sherry May travel widely and are recognized internationally for their apostolic, prophetic, teaching and music ministry known as Eagles Wings, based near Tampa, Florida.

Gene, knowing nothing about Eric & LaVonne, picked them out of the congregation and prophesied that God is using them to be catalysts for change among His people. A catalyst, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is a person or thing that precipitates an event. It is also something in chemistry that speeds or facilitates a desired chemical reaction. God was going to be putting them among people and into places to cause reactions, to bring about changes that He wants to bring about. Gene said he didn’t know if that was already happening, but that was what the Spirit of God was saying to him right then. It is, of course, precisely what has been happening at The Coach House!

God also spoke, through Gene, of Eric & LaVonne’s teaching ministry and said that doors will be opening for that.

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