Business Intercession


Prayer for Business Leaders & Businesses


We come alongside business leaders and pray for God’s favor and blessing to come upon them and their businesses.

The necessity and power of intercessory prayer has long been known to front-line Christian ministries. Now it is a growing phenomenon in the business arena.

Christian prayer-intercessors are being hired by companies around the world to pray for them and even to sit in on their key business meetings.

Leaders become strengthened and better able to cope with their business pressures and stress; they receive insight concerning the spiritual atmosphere influencing their businesses whether for good or bad; they receive prophetic insight for future business direction; new doors of opportunity come open in surprising ways; much needed finance becomes available in ways unforeseen. These are just some of the ways that intercessory prayer has blessed those who have benefited from it in the marketplace. There are countless testimonies of how God’s unseen hand has moved on behalf of business owners and their businesses.

Eric Bardell was a partner in a law firm in England for more than 20 years and can personally testify how God led, protected and provided during some very testing times. Eric was also a Director on the Board of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International over the United Kingdom and Ireland. Businessmen in that fellowship from all over the globe testify of God’s blessings in the marketplace. Miguel Ten, our Business Apostle, can similarly testify. He is the Founder & CEO of First Diversity Management Group which has been commended by the state of Ohio. Read more about Miguel here. Eric’s wife, LaVonne, brings to the table her considerable experience as a minister of intercession in a growing church.

Eric & LaVonne Bardell and Miguel Ten combine to make a powerful marketplace intercessory team, although each of them is a very capable minister on their own and the availability of all three for meetings cannot be guaranteed.

They will pray and intercede for you and your business. Our involvement can be customized to your requirements and cover such areas as:

  • Business success
  • Business strategy
  • New ideas
  • New contracts
  • Future direction
  • Doors of opportunity
  • Specific needs
  • Key personnel

We offer this as a ministry without contract or obligation for as long as it suits both parties. Thus it can be canceled immediately by either party at any time; and, similarly, we can refuse to accept any assignment without giving any reasons.

Our motivation is to see businesses prosper and grow for the good of the local and national economy and the people who depend on them for their livelihoods.

We enjoy diversity. We have a good rapport with minority business owners. No business is too small. We love to encourage the small business owner.

Our intercessory services are, of course, totally confidential. We do not reveal our client list to anyone. What you share with us stays with us.

We will commit to an agreed initial period and hope you will want to extend it.

If you would like to discuss this further, please pick up the phone or email us by going to Contact Us.