30 Aug 2011

Before and After

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Now you see it... Now you don't!Helen (name changed to protect privacy) came to our Sunday morning service, August 28th, using a walker and diagnosed with M.S. Her walking ability was little more than a shuffle.

Even before the service started there was a pool of the Holy Spirit in the room; and Pastor Eric urged everyone to come forward and stand in it. It was as much as some could do to remain standing. It led to a powerful time of ministry and we hadn’t formally opened the service yet. Not one note had been played of praise or worship.

Helen stayed seated — she didn’t come forward because of her mobility issues — but the ladies went to her and prayed for her where she was sitting. Many were touched by the ministry this morning.

After the service, Helen didn’t need her walker — she walked totally unaided to the car. We learned today that since Sunday she’s been doing even better! Jesus is wonderful! Praise Him!

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