Pastors Ron & Loretta Hammond



Pastors Ron & Loretta Hammond have worked in just about every aspect of ministry service for over 18 years dedicating themselves fully to their work for the Lord their Savior.


Pastors Ron & Loretta

In 2010, they obeyed God’s call to leave a vibrant church in Grove City, Ohio, and join us at Lion & Eagle Christian Center as Associate Pastors.

Ron was an Elder and the Director of Internal Ministries in that church; he also taught in the church midweek.

Loretta was the Media Director and a Council Member as well as one of the leads in the Fiscal Office. She actively worked in her calling, ministering to women.

The pastoral call on them both was plain to see; and in August 2012 they stepped up to lead the church when Eric & LaVonne obeyed God’s call to lead an exciting ministry project in England.

Ron’s calm and loving nature is amply demonstrated in blessing others in very practical ways both inside and outside the church. Ron has been active ministering healing and deliverance to the homeless in the Columbus inner city. He founded the Homework Club, an independent non-profit organization providing computer resources for families challenged to provide such resources for their children in the home.

He works as an environmental technician for Franklin County and has done so for 20 years; he is a qualified heating and cooling engineer.

Loretta works as a receptionist at a Day Care.  This affords her numerous pastoral opportunities to offer words of comfort and encouragement to stressed parents and love on the children.

They both attended one of our healing schools in 2008 and never looked back. “Attending that healing school revolutionized our lives and ministry,” says Ron.

Clearly, their breadth of experience  is extremely valuable.

Pastors Ron and Loretta were once successful business owners – they know what it is to have money and what it is to struggle. A large part of what qualifies us for the pastoral ministry is not just a loving heart for people but our experiences of the triumphs of faith in Christ over the trials of life. We comfort others with the comforts we have received. (2Corinthians 1:4)

They are now helping us encourage the members of LECC to rise up and be everything the Bible says we can be as followers of Jesus.

Christ prospers us in spirit, soul and body and is vitally interested in our daily lives. As the Bible makes very clear, no one who puts their trust in the Lord is ever disappointed.

Having Pastors Ron & Loretta to lead the church is a tremendous blessing.


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