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Sept 5, 2010 – Jan 2010


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Lion and Eagle Christian Center – Healing Miracles

Sunday September 5, 2010 – Columbus, Ohio

This morning we had manifest healings from Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Sleep Apnea and Narcolepsy. The healing from Carpal Tunnel was easy to see from the freedom and power of movement of the fingers without any pain. As for the other conditions, there was a popping sound and a release into feeling very wide-awake. Glory to God!

A month or so ago we received a text during our morning service requesting prayer because someone was on route to the hospital with serious diverticulitis issues (a condition of the bowel that can someimes prove fatal). So of course we prayed. We heard this morning that when the doctors examined him on arrival they could find nothing wrong with him, whereas he had been earmarked for urgent surgery. Now he says he’s eating all the wrong foods (for anyone with this condition) and having no issues at all. Praise the Lord!

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Lion and Eagle Christian Center – 5 Baptized

Sunday August 22, 2010 – Columbus, Ohio

We baptized five today, among them two young men who were visibly impacted as these pictures testify. One later said: “I never felt a feeling like today, it felt so great…. This was an important step in my life that will forever change me!!!” The other stated: “I got baptized today, great feeling, feels as if all my worries floated away, and I feel closer to the Holy Spirit than ever.”

It was a powerful time, even for those who were not being baptized. One testified: “I feel changed and I was not baptized yesterday. The power of God was strong.” Another said: “Had a great day today. Part of my family was baptized! God was all over it! Gorgeous!”

A wonderful day was thoroughly enjoyed by all… a great service in the morning… the baptismal service in the afternoon …and then a cookout!

Posted August 25

Little Girl Healed

August 3 – Springfield, Ohio

LaVonne was asked to pray for Victoria, a little girl aged 2, who was prone to falling over a lot. One leg was found to be an inch shorter than the other and turned inward. Through the power of God, her short leg straightened and “shot out” to match the other. Her mother was in tears, praising and thanking God. This is the photo she took of us with Victoria as she gave us permission to show it and tell everyone to the glory of God. She testified before the church on August 24 during a healing service.

First posted Aug 4, modified Aug 19, modified Aug 25

July – Springfield, Ohio

We are supporting a revival in Springfield, Ohio, led by Evangelist Ziggy Sanchez of Edmond, Oklahoma. As we go into August, it’s entering its sixth week at Word of Faith Family Church

LaVonne had a vision of us with our shoulders to the wheel of the revival, which is why we are so laboring in prayer for it and attending the meetings whenever we can. On July 13, knowing nothing of LaVonne’s vision or our purpose, Ziggy prophesied from the front that God had sent us there: “to help to get this thing over the hump and get it moving.”

By the way, a little girl overheard LaVonne interceding loudly in tongues in a room adjoining the sanctuary and simply decided to join in outside the door. In doing so, this little girl received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!

Posted July 29

Divine appointment Small world

July 25 – Lansing Michigan

We were on a mini-vacation in Lansing, Michigan, staying with LaVonne’s sister.  This Sunday afternoon, our best efforts to visit a country park close by were thwarted to the extent that we had to wait till evening. When we finally got there, we came across water baptisms being conducted in the lake in the park, which we would have missed if we had visited in the afternoon. For their part, they said they had decided at the last minute to switch their baptisms to this park, or they would not have been there at all.

We were blessed to meet and pray for their pastor. We were also blessed by his assistant pastor, who, told us he had lived a lot of years in London, England, and has family dotted around the very area of London that Eric grew up in. We were excited.. God is up to something.

We told them about Ziggy Sanchez and our involvement in the revival in Springfield, Ohio (see the entry above). When we told Ziggy that we had mentioned him to these pastors in Lansing, he said: “I have family in Lansing, Michigan!” Is God hooking us up or what!

Posted July 29

Homegroup experiences the Glory

July 18 – Lancaster, Ohio

LaVonne attended a church homegroup in Lancaster, at their invitation, with no higher thought than to rest, and enjoy good fellowship and some delicious homemade ice cream.  Instead, she found herself speaking about the Glory. The people were hungry and so she was soon ministering in the Glory! They could hardly move for the Presence and Glory of God.

One testimony of that evening, dated Tuesday July 20, received by email reads:

I thought I had found peace, I thought I had found joy
But Sunday night something changed! I found a foothold, I found solid ground, I found surety – does this make sense – WOW
The last 2 days I’ve walked on water in the sense that everything that I’ve floundered in, in the past, has been under my feet………
Every trial has been met by faith…………….  WOW. I LIKE THIS, I WANT TO WALK GREATER IN THIS! I used to think that I would be content just to walk in His presence but now I want to be consumed by His glory! Is it bad to say I want more!!!!

Posted July 29

Gospel Outlet, Gospel action

July 12 – Columbus, Ohio

While visiting Westland Mall, we went into a Gospel retail outlet to browse their merchandise. The man in charge had some issues with his back; so Eric ministered to him, and he saw and felt his arms and legs grow out, as the Holy Spirit made some chiropractic adjustments. Then he tried out his new back. “It feels better,” he said. Praise the Lord!

LaVonne ministered to a female assistant; and as she did so, she saw in the spirit a baby boy, and then the boy again as a healthy young man. The assistant told her she could only be seeing her grandson, now 12 months old, who had been born with almost no brain, and had not been expected to live. However, as a woman of faith she had prayed; and the baby was now a year old. LaVonne’s vision of him as a strong, healthy young man was of course such a blessing and encouragement to her. Naturally we prayed for her grandson as she stood proxy for him.

Posted July 29

Three women

June 17 – Gahanna, Ohio

We travelled across Columbus chiefly to minister to Paula (not her real name), a middle-aged woman suffering from a rare immune system disorder. She had heard of us and called to ask for prayer. We arranged to meet her as she was coming to a hospital unit from out of town.

We ministered openly in the foyer of the building. As we prayed, Paula felt tingling up and down her body and heat from our hands. She experienced release. When we prayed with her on the phone, she had felt peace. She was with her mother who was walking stiffly with the aid of a stick. We ministered to her mom’s legs and neck. Pain from her neck disappeared and she positively leaped from her seat unaided to hug us before we left….exhibiting remarkable agility. We also prayed with Paula’s daughter who became tearful when we touched on a particular area of need that the Holy Spirit revealed through a word of knowledge.

A special time for us all to the glory of God.

Posted June 19

Amazing the doctors

June 10 – Malawi

A pastor’s daughter in Malawi required urgent surgery recently. LaVonne emailed him on June 8 with a prayer of intercession, which read in part:

We speak the evil is bound concerning her. We pray the angels of the Lord God Jehovah are released on her behalf to minister to her in every area of her life. We release healing from the hand of God to this dear young lady. We believe that You are taking care of every situation concerning her, right now, in Jesus name….Amen.

This is part of an email we received in reply on June 10, exactly as he wrote it:

Let me assure you the truth my full testimony the day of 8th June night while I was in the hospital as a guardian.   I dreamed two people 1 man and 1 woman wearing white garments standing opposite to my sick daughter they were raising their hands up and praying for her and they were casting devil. Suddenly I woke up and prayed for her alone. Later on Wednesday the 9th June at 10:00am doctors came to our side ward for checking up. Where she was operated they did not even find any stitch they  asked  me who took out the stitches and replied them might be our president Eric and Lavonne in USA were praying for my sick daughter and the doctors were laughing at me. I showed them the letter you wrote to us the same as what I was speaking to them and they were all amazing with your prayers and they said this has happen since the first as it was their first time to see this strange things.

Posted June 19

Doctors Hospital West

June 12 – Columbus, Ohio

We were asked to minister to a woman patient by a friend of hers. We will call her Sue (not her real name). We were given Sue’s room telephone number and were asked to call her. She was in her mid-forties and suffering from cancer of the lung and a mass below her addomen.

So LaVonne called her and, long story short, led her to Jesus over the phone. As she turned her life over to Jesus, there was a noticeable release in the atmosphere at both ends of the telephone line. Sue felt it and was in tears. LaVonne felt it too. Of course, LaVonne also prayed for her healing. Salvation and healing go together.

We cannot confirm her physical healing at this time, except by faith; but we learned she was discharged from the hospital shortly after, and the next day she was reportedly “up and running around.”

Posted June 14

Waiting on God

June 9 – Columbus, Ohio

We were sitting in the public waiting area in a government agency when LaVonne took a call with a praise report on someone for whom we (and others) had been praying and who had been involved in a terrible traffic accident. This person had dramatically improved overnight and those sitting around us could not fail to overhear the ‘Hallelujahs’ and ‘Praise the Lords’ that LaVonne was speaking as she received this great news. Whereupon the person sitting in front of her turned around and said, “I need prayer” and explained her various needs. So LaVonne just took her hand and began to pray aloud right there and then. Others were nodding in agreement. If America is no longer a Christian country, it seems the people don’t know it.

Later we were at Grant Hospital. As we were leaving we passed a man who was hooked up to an IV. LaVonne asked him if he needed prayer. He said no. LaVonne said, “You sure look like you need prayer!” He said no. She told him that the Lord was saying he had no need to feel scared. He said that was right, he certainly did feel scared; and he said he needed to repent and straighten his life out. LaVonne led him in prayer and he rededicated his life to the Lord.

Posted June 9


May 30 – Columbus Ohio

We ministered to a couple who were concerned about the masonic involvement of some members of their family. We explained how this might impact negatively on them. After ministry they lost no time in confessing how totally different they now felt…. as if a ton of stuff had been lifted off of them… so blessed and so free. Praise God!

Posted June 9

Steak n’ Shake

May 26 – Columbus Ohio

We went to a Steak n’ Shake for a quick lunch… and LaVonne was prompted by the Holy Spirit to minister to a lady sitting with another lady at an adjoining table. She said to her, “I don’t know you… and you don’t know me… but the Spirit of God is telling me to tell you everything’s going to be alright!” The woman she was speaking to dissolved in tears. It was something she needed to hear from God. LaVonne told her things about her daughter and granddaughter as the Holy Spirit revealed them to her. It was a profitable time of ministry.

Earlier in the morning, in an office downtown, LaVonne ministered to a lady who was concerned for her son. She was trying to tell LaVonne her situation, and was embarrassed about it; but LaVonne reassured her that she already knew, for the Holy Spirit had revealed it to her. She was therefore able to minister to her most effectively right at her work station without interrupting her work. God is good!

Posted May 30

National Day of Prayer

May 6 – Ohio Statehouse, Columbus

We attended the National Day of Prayer event at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. So important. America was built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and the prayers of the faithful. She turns from that at her peril.

Posted May 7

Lion and Eagle Christian Center

May 3 – Columbus, Ohio

We put on an impromptu meeting for Pastors Howard and Barbara Gard of Omaha, Nebraska. They lived in Romania after the fall of communism and God used them to write the  new schools curriculum for the new regime, a Christian-based curriculum at the government’s specific request, and one that was adopted by other East European nations, even Russia.

What an irony that the former communist nations now insist on a Bible-based schools curriculum – because they recognize how God has blessed Western nations because of the Gospel – while America and the UK want Jesus Christ out of their schools!

Howard and Barbara told story after encouraging story of their life together serving Christ. God is also using them in the Philippines.

A wonderful evening and the many that came at such short notice were truly blessed!

Posted May 7

Pastors Appreciation Breakfast

April 28 – Hilton Hotel, Easton, Columbus, Ohio

We attended the 10th Annual Pastors Appreciation Breakfast promoted by the Christian radio station WFRD “The Word” of Columbus. This is a wonderful opportunity for pastors to meet brother pastors, key vendors, and be encouraged in their call. The hotel ballroom was full. The event was a great blessing. The guest speaker was Dr. James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago, who exhorted us, especially in this hour in America, to preach the Word, the true Gospel, and to be instant in season and out of season.

Posted May 7

Men’s Advance

April 24 – Kings Island Resort, Cincinnati

Eric took a brother from our church, a new Christian, to sample what true brotherhood is in the Lord. They went to the FGBMFI Ohio Men’s Advance …and as a men’s event you would have to give it 15 out of ten.

The men were exhorted by the speakers Pastor Shane Warren (of Monroe, Louisiana) and Coach Dave Daubenmire (Ohio) to wake up and be men who will contend for the faith and proclaim the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Coach Dave is well-known for having fought the ACLU in the 1990s and won. They took him to Court for allegedly mixing prayer with his coaching of high school kids. He refused to back down and they settled out of court. Now he is seeking election to Congress and is one who is not ashamed of the Gospel, nor to wear the Cross wherever he goes.

He gave the men a locker room half-time team-talk for Christ… and no one dared to complain! On the contrary, they ate it up!

Posted May 7

Telephone ministry

April 18 – Columbus, Ohio

We’ve had more fruit from our outreach to the Section 8 housing community at the end of last year. A lady called us on the phone from that community needing prayer for her healing. She got it… plus she rededicated her life to Jesus… plus she received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit… and she sang in the Spirit a song for her son in prison. All over a telephone line. God, You’re wonderful!

Posted April 26


April 15 – Columbus, Ohio

Alan was brought by a friend to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. He had long sought it and was tearful as he received it with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Afterward, he kept praising God for His goodness and grace. We also broke off of him ungodly covenants, and off of his friend too. They were transformed… changed by the Spirit of God… and they left rejoicing.  What a wonderful evening! Glory to God!

Posted April 16

Business prayers

April 7 – Columbus, Ohio

A businessman in our church testified that after Monday’s class on prayer he received some very specific answers to specific prayers within 24 hours that released finances for his business. God answers specific prayers and is interested in you and your business. Isaiah 65:24 says, “It shall come to pass that before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear.”

Posted April 16

Wrong Number, Right Number

March 26 – Columbus, Ohio

LaVonne received a call on the cell phone very late at around 11 p.m. the night before. She could not reach it in time and tried calling back but each time got the busy signal. So she tried again the next morning.

George apologized… he said he had misdialed, a wrong number… but the Holy Spirit prompted LaVonne to ask: “Where are you?” He said, “Doctors West Hospital.” She said, “That’s just down the street from me. What’s wrong with you?” He read her a list of things ending with ‘old age.’ (He was in his late sixties/early seventies.)

LaVonne said, “My husband and I are pastors and have a healing ministry. Perhaps you dialed the right number!” He said, “I’ve never been into religion; but my grandmother was.” LaVonne explained it’s not about how many times you’ve darkened the door of a church; it’s about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.” He said: “I’m not sure He could forgive me… I’ve lived a wild life.” She reassured him of God’s amazing love and that Christ has paid the penalty for our misdeeds… we need only believe it; and, long story short, she led him to Christ on the phone. She could tell he changed right then, just by the change in his voice and demeanor. His grandmother’s prayers for him had borne fruit. Our prayers live on long after we’re gone.

Later that morning, we visited him in Doctors West. LaVonne warned him we might and he said that would be fine. He said he had not been sure of God’s forgiveness because of his Vietnam War service in Special Forces. LaVonne was prompted to sing ‘Amazing Grace’  and did so. He listened and then said it had been his grandmother’s favorite song. We prayed for his healing. He said everyone in his family were prone to heart and kidney complaints. So we broke those curses off of his family in Jesus’ Name. God is good!

Posted March 29

Prayer Cloths

March 23

Acts 19:11 in the Bible says: Now God worked unusual miracles by the hands of Paul, so that even handkerchiefs or aprons were brought from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out of them.

We receive requests to pray for healing from all over; and today we sent anointed prayer cloths to the UK and to the state of Virginia. God works through prayer cloths today just as He did in the days of the apostles.

Posted March 24

More Graduates

March 18 – Columbus Ohio

More healing school students graduated today… and they were happy about it! The anointing on them was so powerful they were prophesying. We had a wonderful time of impartation.

Posted March 24

Healing Class Fun

March 8 – Columbus Ohio

We and our Healing School students have a lot of fun seeing God move in power in Jesus’ Name. Watch this video!

Posted March 8

Long Distance

We’ve been enjoying dispensing God’s healing power by telephone long distance… to Tennessee and to California.

On February 28, LaVonne saw the name “John” in the Spirit during our Sunday morning service. She shared what she was seeing, and that God wanted us to pray for him. At that very moment, one of our church members received a text from the wife of a man by that name in California. John was in a high degree of distress having dreamed of being murdered twice. So we all prayed for him laying our hands on the phone. A text came saying John was now experiencing calmness.

On March 3, we heard that John’s wife was now under attack… very fearful regarding her finances. We tried phoning but there was no answer; so we prayed for her into their voicemail. One hour later we got to speak to them. They said they had been out in their car; and that an hour earlier she couldn’t drive; she had started shaking, with chills; and something had “left her.” Now she felt so much better.

On March 5, we received a call from a woman in Tennessee who was sobbing because she was diabetic and she had just been struck blind by the disease. We prayed for her on the phone and she said; “I can see perfectly!”

Praise the Lord! There’s power in the Name of Jesus and there’s no distance in the Spirit.

Posted March 8

Young teen healed

February 15 – Dayton, Ohio

Celebrating Roger’s healing: aged 13 he was admitted to hospital with internal bleeding from the bowels that the doctors could not explain… He went into cardiac arrest three times… Contacted by his great aunt, we were asked to pray and, glory to God, Jesus healed him. Now he’s so well he’s wrestling! His great aunt was also seriously ill with double pneumonia. She asked for prayer. We never heard someone so sick speak to us on the phone. Today, she’s well and praising the Lord. Glory to God!

Posted Feb 15

Valentines Day Dinner

February 14 – Columbus Ohio

Lion and Eagle Christian Center hosted a Valentines Day Dinner for members and invited guests. A wonderful evening was enjoyed by all with much fun and laughter.

Posted Feb 21

Mall ministry

February 3 – Columbus, Ohio

We were in the food court of the Tuttle Crossing Mall in Columbus when LaVonne had a word from the Lord for a man sitting at a nearby table with a couple. As we finished eating, she went over to him and he gave her his attention. LaVonne told him she had a word for him from the Lord. He wanted to hear it. She told him that Jesus was saying he was pardoned; that he had to forgive those who had abused him; and that Jesus was saying that He (Jesus) is not just his brother but his blood-brother. These words hit the mark for tears welled up in the man’s eyes. He stood up to receive prayer right there in the food court without embarrassment. We discovered that the people with him were his pastor and his pastor’s wife.

Earlier we had been on a second ministry visit to a young man with sight, speech and mobility problems following a terrible skiing accident. Each time we have seen the Lord move powerfully to assist him in his recovery process. The first time his ability to see colors was restored. This time he walked comfortably without shoes and without a foot brace. We are believing for his total recovery.  God is good!

Posted Feb 10

Thank you

January 27 – Columbus, Ohio

These are a couple of examples of the testimonies we receive. These two came by email today:

“I just wanted to say thanks for ministering to us last Sunday. I did speak with my mother yesterday, and she actually sounded much better for the first time in a long while…the pain has let go of her. I can hear the hope and relief in her voice.”

“I just wanted to thank you both again for your help in getting us closer to understanding the Word of God. As I mentioned last night, the reason I became a Christian is that the call had finally become deafening and there was no denying it. Well, the call is still very present and I am so looking forward to getting closer to Christ. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Posted Jan 27

New Classes

January 15 – Columbus, Ohio

Our new classes have started… and it’s been good. In particular, those who came to our “I Saw Heaven” class have been so wowed by it, they’ve asked us to repeat the first class this coming Friday so that they can invite others to come. So that’s what we are doing! This course is so impactive! All are welcome and there’s no fee for the course… just a freewill offering.

Posted Jan 18


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