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Great end to 2009

December 29 – Columbus, Ohio

Our healing classes continued through the Christmas season. That’s real dedication for you!

Today we graduated three more students who have been coming  to classes for the past 18 weeks … it was a great way to end 2009.  Here they are posing with their certificates …which they so richly deserve. See also the love they have for each other!

God is always so powerfully present to heal and to impart the healing anointing during the graduation process. Praise You, Jesus!

Posted Jan 2

Healing Miracle

December 5 – Columbus, Ohio

We were helping the Bread Man again this weekend. A woman was collecting bread for distribution from a food pantry in another area and asked Eric if he would mind moving a  heavy tray of bread off the top of a tall stack. She said she could not raise one arm above shoulder height without a great deal of pain. Eric helped her glady. Then he told her about our healing ministry and asked if he might pray for her.  She willingly accepted ministry and no sooner than she was ministered to she was healed… smiling and lifting her arm way above her head. Jesus is wonderful!

Posted Dec 16

The Spirit comes

November 29 – Columbus Ohio

A busy weekend helping the “Bread Man” ministry and reaching out to our adopted section 8 community. Many families were blessed with much needed bread products at the month end when budgets are often stretched.

And two moms came with their children for the first time to our Sunday service and were blessed. Both were visibly impacted as they received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with their heavenly prayer language. They went home not only empowered by the Spirit of God but also laden with free cakes and bread for their families. Praise You, Jesus!

Posted Nov 30

Postive feed back

We love hearing from the folks we minister to.. and here are three samples of the kind of thing we’ve been hearing from you all recently:

“This house has been light as a feather since Friday.  What a peaceful place this is!!  No fear or worry, no heavy darkness, and what a place of peaceful, restorative sleep!!  Hallelujah!!”

“The [weekly message] titles are often what I want to read. It’s strange how they frequently impinge on something that has just passed by – which is often a confirmation of the way ahead.”

“Thanks so much, it’s a great blessing. My heart is full of JOY!”

Such comments are a great encouragement to us. Thank you! All the glory goes to Jesus… (and we have all the fun!)

Posted Nov 30

Community outreach

Columbus, Ohio – November 22

We again ministered in a section 8 housing area of the city this week but now on Sunday afternoons so that people can come and leave in daylight.

This Sunday we went door to door distributing free bread which in most cases was warmly received. We believe in taking the church to the community and we pray for people who ask us for prayer.

Earlier in the week we were out leafleting and there were ladies sitting outside as LaVonne prayed for their neighbour in the street. As LaVonne ministered, they suddenly exclaimed that they were feeling the power of God coming down upon them all! Praise the Lord!

Posted Nov 23

Women’s Ministry

November 14 – Columbus, Ohio

Lion and Eagle Christian Center’s first Women’s Ministry Day was a wonderful success! Fifteen ladies came at 11am for brunch and many of them stayed as late as 5pm. Cindy Teagarden from Deep Water Ministries was our special speaker. She shared with us that the keys to the doors of our lives are jangling in front of us. She encouraged us to take them and unlock the doors that God has put before us. She shared of the miracles God is doing in these days.

We saw many ladies lives changed and experienced the miraculous before our eyes! Legs and arms growing out….etc. The power of God is real! Who says says God doesn’t perform miracles anymore in America? Apparently they were not here watching God do them!

We are truly looking forward to our next Ladies Day. Hope to see you there!

Posted Nov 15


November 13 – Columbus Ohio Our first night of outreach in a section 8 housing area of the city resulted in miracles. A lady came who could not raise one arm without lifting it with her other arm. She came with her young granddaughter who saw her grandmother’s arms and legs “grow out” as her back was adjusted… and then she saw her raise that arm up! See this little girl looking in amazement…. and see her grandmother’s reaction to her healing!  Thank you, Jesus!

Posted Nov 15

Tent Revival

October 31 – Columbus, Ohio

What better way to spend Halloween? LaVonne and I were there to support and minister. It lasted four days for a very worthy cause… in aid of the family of a young local pastor who was taken home to glory unexpectedly. We had a good time… LaVonne sang; we ministered some healing; and we enjoyed great fellowship.

It was all arranged by a local pastor who for 20 years has been feeding the hungry with free bread and other produce… a doer of the Word, not a hearer only. He was in New York with after 9/11 and in New Orleans after Katrina with truckloads of supplies. Praise God for men like Pastor Arthur Willhite. He envisioned the event and he put it together on his own property. Unfortunately three of the four evenings were cold and relatively few people came out; but praise God for all those who did come, and did not prefer their home comforts. Praise God also for those ministers and groups who came long distance to perform.

Posted Nov 3

Healed in a Thrift Store

October 30 – Columbus, Ohio

We met John in a Thrift Store. He’s a deacon of a local church in our area. He was excited to hear about our healing ministry. As a matter of fact, he had a problem with a sore shoulder. So, we said we would minister. “What… right here now?” “Yes.. why not?” So we ministered to him… and his shoulder was no longer a problem, praise God!

He invited us to his church cook-out event a few days later and when we got there, we were warmly welcomed by the assistant pastor and an elder who had heard about his healing. Glory to Jesus! We had a good time.

Posted Nov 3


October 20 – Andhra Pradesh, India

We are pleased to welcome Pastors Samuel and Mary Balaraman, and ten associated pastors and churches into our Lion and Eagle “family.”

Based out of the village of Tenabanda near the town of Chittoor, a slum area, in Andhra Pradesh, India, their ministries include: free medical camps, gifts of clothing, free tuition centers, adult literacy programs and community development programs. They also reach out with the gospel in the states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.

Posted Oct 22

Charles Finney

Friday October 2 – Oberlin, Ohio

We were privileged to be present at a special meeting at the First Church of Oberlin, Ohio, the church that Charles G. Finney, one of America’s greatest evangelists, pastored for 40 years.  Finney was a prominent figure in the Second Great Awakening and his influence was such that he later became known as “The Father of Modern Revivalism.”

Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets and others of the Ohio Reformation Prayer Network convened a solemn assembly to pray for the old/ancient wells of evangelism, and particularly this old well, to be re-opened, so desperately needed in America in these days.

Prophets had prophesied: “If we will pray and open this well, evangelism strategies will be loosed and awakening will be stirred.” So it was a joy and a privilege to participate  in two hours of intense prayer and intercession led by Tim Sheets and Lou Engle. (Dutch Sheets could not attend.)

It was also a joy to see Charles Finney’s large Bible openly displayed and available in front of the very pulpit from which he proclaimed the Gospel for so many years.

Posted Oct 9

Worldwide Day of Healing Service

Saturday, September 19, 2009 – Columbus, Ohio

We conducted a Healing Service at Galloway Presbyterian Church and praise God for everything that He did. The minister, Reverend Linda McClanahan, had some very kind words to say about us and our ministry team the next morning. She told her congregation that the Holy Spirit had been very present and that we “showed them another way.”  It was wonderful to one of her church members say to another, “I got my healing yesterday!” She came for healing from cancer.

We praise God for all the healings that took place, not least Steve’s hearing restored to his left ear that had been missing an eardrum! He was also saved – the greatest miracle of all – and filled with the Holy Spirit. A lady from a Nazarene church walked in limping… and walked out praising! It was great to hear her joyful shout! See the photo of her, arms raised. She also received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. A visiting Methodist minister, Reverend Gerald Koster, 85, had his back adjusted and his “youth renewed.”   When one of our team asked the Lord’s blessing and protection for the meeting before the service, he counted 44 doves that flew over and settled on the roof of the church.

Posted Sep 22

Ten year old set free

September 6 – Columbus Ohio Two months ago we were asked to minister to a ten year old boy whose identity we will protect by calling him Jordan (not his real name). He exhibited extreme anger and behavioral issues. He identified with the Incredible Hulk, his favorite action hero. It once required four adults to get an unwilling Jordan into a car. In Sunday School he would draw horns on pictures of Jesus. In regular school he misbehaved so much that time and again his teacher would come out to complain to his parents about their son’s extreme misbehavior.

Jordan was brought to us by his parents and grandpa. The anointing came strongly upon LaVonne. She was led by the Holy Spirit with words of knowledge and visions. The Spirit led her to minister not to Jordan but to Jordan’s mom and dad. She then led dad in praying for his boy. No drama… just tissues sodden with mom’s and dad’s and grandpa’s tears as the Spirit moved. Jordan seemed to lighten up almost right away. His parting comment was, “Awesome!”

We learned afterwards that Jordan gave his heart to Jesus. During church this evening we heard testimony that the teacher had come out again to talk to Jordan’s parents. And when the teacher saw the look on their faces, she said: “Oh no! it’s OK! I just wanted you to know that Jordan’s really changed! He’s become a really good child!”

Jordan explains it this way: “All the bad left me… and the good came in.” Hallelujah! Thank You, Jesus!

Posted Sept 7

Republic of Liberia

September 5 – Check out our newest addition to the Lion and Eagle family! Click the image.

Posted Sept 5

New Graduates

September 1 – Columbus Ohio We graduated another seven students from our Healing School. It was a powerful night of impartation and healing. Two people were freed from pain and another was healed of a bee sting on his neck. The lump and pain totally disappeared. See our events page for new classes.

Posted Sept 5

Day of Healing

August 4 – Columbus, Ohio Some healing school students who missed last week’s Tuesday class drew the anointing of the Holy Spirit from our garments and fell out. Brenda, her first time at the class, tried it and lifted her arms straight up over her head without pain for the first time in years…. see photo. Her daughter, Traci, tried it and dissolved into joy, saying: “Jesus is right here in front of me! He’s right here!”

We experienced His presence all day long, for He healed three people we ministered to at a lunch function. One man was released from stiffness in his right leg; his wife walked away just carrying her walking-stick; and another lady was healed from back pain, as well as we ministered to her for  diabetes and thyroid issues.

John came to our class specifically for healing of a hernia. A writer and journalist, he watched everything very carefully. We ministered to him and now we wait for the good report. He took a bunch of our cards as he left. We encourage any who are sick to come and  receive ministry. What do you have to lose but your sickness?

Posted Aug 6

Drawing from the hem of His garment

July 28 & 30Columbus, Ohio A glorious healing class Tuesday night… All were drunk in the Spirit drawing from the hem of His garment (pictured right). Jesus was seen in the Spirit moving from person to person. Our students were left wondering if they could safely drive home! This was repeated in our Thursday night class when we had another time of soaking and extended ministry.

We are hearing how our prayer cloths are bringing healings and even financial blessings.

Posted Aug 1

Lion and Eagle Christian Center

Columbus, Ohio We have restarted fellowship meetings in our home on Sunday evenings…. with no agenda but the Holy Spirit’s agenda… Holy Ghost fire… fun & laughter… freedom in the Spirit… healing… deliverance… loving one another (photo)… four or five hours of church according to the New Testament model…. a  place to use and develop your spiritual gifts and to be built up in your most holy faith.

People start coming at 5pm and often stay until after 10.00pm, though free to go when they like. Time goes so fast when God is moving.

All are welcome.

Posted Aug 1

Doctors confirm healing

July 14 – Columbus, Ohio Jon and Michelle came to class tonight brandishing Michelle’s medical report. She said she just knew that she had been healed the moment she was prayed for last week… and now she has the test results to prove it. A nodule in her breast that was plainly visible in her last mammogram, is no longer visible… totally disappeared!  Glory to Jesus!

Posted July 15

Small world

July 7 – Columbus, Ohio Another great healing class tonight… arms and legs grew out as backs were adjusted by the power of God; there were pelvic adjustments; burdens were lifted and curses broken. Some of our students are so eager to include their friends in our classes that they are paying for their friends’ registration.

Jesus sure was in the house tonight! Two new students received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Michelle was in tears as she had been seeking the baptism for such a long time and had even begun to think she might never receive it.

She and her husband Jon (pictured foreground) were so excited to read about us on our website and so eager to come along to class.

Michelle is from England. Jon is American. What a surprise and blessing it was for Eric to hear another British accent. And what an even greater surprise and blessing to discover that she had lived in exactly the same area of South East England where we lived… on the Sussex coast… and they shopped for their groceries at the same Tesco superstore!   Two weeks later we learned that Michelle is the sister-in-law of a preacher we know there!

Posted July 8, updated July 15 and Aug 1

New Healing Schools

June 25 – Columbus Ohio Two new Healing Ministry Schools started this week, one a 10 week course, the other 18 weeks long. We have many new students and we thank God for each one. Dave Harvey has started the 10 week course. He was reporting himself still healed and pain-free (of course) in his shoulder and arm… and now he wanted healing of sciatica and pain in his knees. God so touched him, he just sat and soaked in the presence. He said, “Now I don’t need codeine…” Karen was healed of neck and knee problems. Fred needed his back adjusted. He got it, praise God!

We heard that Pastor Lou had two hernias completely healed… and the two other hernias were closing up fast.

It’s never too late for new students to join these schools part-way through, as they can make up missed modules by special arrangements or just roll on into the next school and complete them that way.

We also welcome all who are sick, no matter how serious, and who simply want to be well. Just come along! What have you got to lose but your sickness or infirmity.
Posted June 28


June 20 – Columbus, Ohio This week we graduated two Healing Ministry Classes  and we are ready to start new classes this coming week. Not everyone who starts manages to complete the courses, so very many congratulations to those who do!

We were pleased to meet a retired pastor in his late seventies who came to one of the graduations for healing. He had undergone heart and bowel surgery in the past, had hernias in four places, and also had problems with his knees. LaVonne had a word of knowledge that something traumatic had occurred when he was 54. She asked him and he said his father died then.

The power of God was so strong on him that he could not stand. He dropped on to a chair we had placed behind him. He said he had never experienced anything like this before and would certainly be coming to the new classes

Posted June 22

Healing testimonies
June 14 – Springfield Ohio Dave and his friend came with us to church in Springfield today. David testified he is still free from arm and shoulder pain… of course; and Pastor Jim testified to the church of his healing on June 1.

Posted June 14

Lift weights again

June 11 – Galloway Ohio Dave was brought by a friend to healing class with a such a list of health issues, he seemed a sign and a wonder in being alive! He said doctors once gave him only one day to live. Of course we ministered to all his complaints but the ones that would yield visible signs of healing straight away were some protruding C and L discs, two pinched nerves, and a painful shoulder and arm.

During ministry, he said, it was all he could do to stay on his feet because of the power of God all over him. After ministry, he confessed that the pains in his shoulder and arm were all gone. The muscles in his neck were now so strong and relaxed, and he had such power in his hands, he felt he could begin lifting weights again! Before ministry he said he could not tilt his head back or roll it around, but as we ministered, we watched him doing both. Thank You, Jesus!
Posted June 14

Kid born blind healed

June 2 – Galloway, Ohio Actually, a kid goat! In our healing ministry class tonight Liz testified that she had prayed for a kid born blind with white eyes on her farm… and now the goat can see and its eyes are no longer white! Our star pupil! (pun intended)

Among the highlights of the class itself: Tim drew healing from the hem of his wife’s garment and was healed of a painful left foot. Liz ministered to Mildred for a painful heel and Mildred was healed. She also ministered to her for deafness in her left ear and she began to hear. Mildred ministered to LaVonne suffering with a sinus  headache which went instantly.

A great evening. Glory to God!

Posted June 2

Texas Roadhouse
June 1 – Columbus, Ohio We were having dinner with Pastors Jim and Karen Britton at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant. As we finished our meal he mentioned his back had been paining him and had caused him to enter the restaurant with a rather restricted gait. His back had stiffened even more during the meal. So Eric prayed for his back right there in the restaurant and he was instantly healed. He so testified two weeks later before his congregation.
LaVonne stopped a waitress and asked if she might pray for her. The waitress asked her, “Do I look like I need prayer?” LaVonne ignored the question and simply prayed that the dreams deep in her heart that she desperately wanted to come to pass and which were in line with God’s plans and purposes for her, would come to pass and quickly. The waitress responded: “I don’t know how you knew I needed that; but I needed that!”
On her way out of the building, God gave LaVonne a word for another waitress, and when she shared it with her, the waitress thanked her. It had spoken to her need.
Posted June 2  Updated June 14

Deep healing

May 19 – Galloway, Ohio We watched God bring deep inner healing, which led to physical healing of a long-standing complaint and made a walking-stick redundant. Glory to Jesus!

Posted May 21

Who’s got who?

May 14 – Columbus, Ohio Eric went across town to minister to an 85 year old with leg pains. God made chiropractic adjustments to her back and the leg pains went. She said to Eric: “You know how to get hold of God!” Eric replied: “Reverse order – God’s got hold of me!”

Posted May 21

Rewarding week
May 9 – Galloway, Ohio (Columbus west) Our Healing Schools this week were very rewarding in terms of inner healing to some.

Liz goes from strength to strength. This week she told us, as well as we heard from others, that her pastor gave permission for her to minister on Sunday with the elders at the front of her church. In Jesus’ name she cast a spirit of depression out of one person who fell under the power of God and lay screaming on the floor. So Liz hugged her close for a while and then told her to start praising the Lord. She did as instructed and broke through into joy! Hallelujah!

Today’s “Super Saturday” saw three new people come who received ministry…. legs and arms grew out and stomach sickness and shoulder pain were healed. One of the newcomers was so impressed, she’s decided to join our Healing Ministry School this coming Tuesday. Praise the Lord!

Posted May 10

No need of assistance
Sunday May 3 – Springfield, Ohio June was walking stiffly using a walker. She complained of arthritis in her lower back and hips and a knee injury from a car wreck. Eric ministered to her after the service. She then walked unaided from the church and down the front steps while her daughter followed her carrying her walker. See her pictured right after ministry. Glory to God!

Posted May 3

New Healing Ministry Schools begin

April 28 & 30 – Galloway, Ohio (Columbus west) A new Healing Ministry School started Tuesday night in our home. We had a great time of ministry and blessing and getting to know our new students.  Every person received prayer. LaVonne flowed in the prophetic and ministered with great insight. God gave her a key to release one man from depression. His response was:  “I’m glad I came!” On Thursday night we started a more advanced course for previous students.

Liz testified in the latter class that after a long drive home from South Dakota, she was really aching in her body. She remembered Eric teaching that we can minister chiropractic adjustments to ourselves. So she began to do that. Halfway through the process, however, her phone rang. She was amazed that as she was talking on the phone, the Holy Spirit nevertheless continued to minister to her… she could feel her body parts moving. Candy testified that her doctors have pronounced her cancer-free! Praise the Lord!
Posted May 1

“Our grads” minister

Sunday April 26 – Springfield Ohio On April 23rd we heard from Pastor Jim Britton of Word of Faith Family Church that our Healing School graduates had ministered to Dennis the night before; and Dennis had emailed the church to say that he was pain-free.

We talked to him today. He told us he fell a year ago last December and had suffered severe back pain ever since. Three discs in his spine had been misplaced and the doctors had been resisting corrective surgery, recommending therapy instead. On Wednesday night the pain had been so acute, it had made him really miserable. So “our grads” had ministered to him… and God did the rest! Hallelujah!
Posted April 26

Hospital visit

April 19 – Columbus, Ohio We were visiting a relative in hospital and after praying for her, we asked the lady in the adjoining bed if she would also like prayer. “Oh yes, very much!” So we prayed for her healing. She thanked us and said: “No one ever prayed for me like that before!” Eric asked her if she knew Jesus. No but she wanted to know Him and be certain of her eternal home; so Eric led her in prayer to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Posted April 19

Living Faith

April 7 – Springfield, Ohio We were again on David & Penny Reeves’ Living Faith television show on the Harvest Television Network. We are pictured right with David and Penny on the set (click photo to enlarge). This show reaches hundreds of millions of people through 500 cable tv stations in North & South America, Europe, North Africa and Asia and streams live over the internet. Today HTN welcomed even more viewers through an additional TV station taking the show for the first time. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves of course. However, it’s not about us but all for the glory of God. It was humbling to be part of a program that reaches so many millions with the Good News of Jesus Christ. It was a privilege to be asked by David & Penny to preach a short Gospel message and then lead their viewers in a prayer for salvation.

We look forward to going back to Harvest Studios in June for a TBN Regional telecast.

Posted April 7

Herniated Disc

April 7 – Columbus, Ohio We were giving a lift to a young man and he asked us inside to pray for his uncle who had been in pain for months with a herniated disc in his lower back. His uncle shed tears of relief as the Holy Spirit healed him and the pain disappeared. Glory to God!

Posted April 7

Meaning of Life

Sunday April 5 – Columbus, Ohio We were leaving a parking lot at Riverside Methodist Hospital when the parking attendant noting our ministry credentials asked if he could ask a question. He asked: “What is the meaning of life?” Eric instantly replied, “To find God through Jesus Christ and live in right relationship with Him. Nothing else will give your life meaning.” The man replied: “How insightful.” There was no time to share more, as cars were lined up behind us waiting to leave. Whether he was serious or not, we pray that this seed takes deep root in his heart.

Posted April 6

Harvest Television Network

Tuesday March 31 We were guests on David & Penny Reeves’ “Living Faith” show which reaches hundreds of millions of people through 500 cable television stations in North & South America, Europe, North Africa and Asia and streams live over the internet. After the show, we talked for another couple of hours at least! So David & Penny have asked us back to do another show and also to appear on their TBN show in June which goes out over a TBN regional network across 3 states here in America.
Posted April 6
Songs of Deliverance
Sunday March 29 – Springfield, Ohio We lunched at a Perkins restaurant. LaVonne was led by the Spirit to minister to two ladies at separate tables by singing to them: “Why should I feel discouraged? Why should the shadows come? His eye is on the sparrow, and I’m sure He watches me…” Each lady was touched deeply, and one dissolved in tears. Both were Christians and one told her, “I knew you had a word for me as soon as I saw you look at me from across your table.”

Posted April 6

“Because someone cared”
Saturday, March 28 – Columus, Ohio We were about to leave Krogers when LaVonne was drawn by the Holy Spirit to a lady buying liquor. She was there with her two granddaughters. She explained that the drink was not for her, as LaVonne, prompted by the Holy Spirit, asked if she needed prayer for anything. Yes, she needed prayer for her sick mother. LaVonne prayed first for her mother, and then for her as the Holy Spirit revealed that she had been the victim of abuse. As LaVonne prayed for her healing from abuse, the lady dissolved in tears. One of the girls asked: “Why  are you crying?” Her grandmother replied: “Because someone cared.”

Posted April 6

Released from trauma

March 25 -Grove City, Ohio A lady aged 70 was complaining of a stabbing pain in her back and severe muscular spasm all over her body. Her muscles were so tight that her legs had been drawn up under her as she lay in bed trying to sleep; and now she was up she could hardly move around the house. The Lord gave Eric a word of wisdom, namely ‘trauma.’ As we cast out all spirits of trauma and tension, she was released from all muscular spasm and pain and tears came. She said she felt so relaxed and her legs felt like rubber, like the feeling you get when slain in the Spirit and you can’t get up. Her countenance had totally changed… she looked so much softer in her face. As we left, she was going to lie down and catch up on some much needed sleep. Praise the Lord!

Posted March 25

Salvations Sunday

March 22 – Springfield, Ohio

We were drawn to the Golden Corral for lunch. LaVonne ‘saw’ us eating there and so we went. LaVonne noticed a lady wearing a back-brace and went over to her table. She asked if she might pray with her for healing and she consented. Then LaVonne led her to Christ.

Earlier at church the Holy Spirit had told her to go talk to a lady at the back. She told LaVonne that she had not been to the church before and that she had just been discharged from hospital for depression. LaVonne led her to Jesus.

After the service we were asked to minister to a child but the Holy Spirit indicated prayer for the mother that would release the child. Long story short: mom gave her heart to Jesus amid tears.
Glory to God!

Posted March 25

Running again

March 20 – Fairborn, Ohio We went to minister to a lady suffering from dizziness and depression. She had been having dizzy spells for 20 years but not as severe as those she was experiencing now. After ministry she ran to her front door and back from her living room at the rear of her house several times, and without any problems whatsoever. As she ran, she exclaimed; “I haven’t run since 2005!” Her son had seen the Lord ‘grow out’ his mom’s arms and legs as adjustments were made to her back. We also ministered the baptism of the Holy Spirit and saw her laying hands on her son and praying for him. Both were wiping away tears as the Lord moved. Glory to God!

Posted March 25

Magnificent Vision at Graduation

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio, March 18 – Fourteen students graduated from our Healing Ministry School tonight. And two more came over from our Galloway school because they were unable to attend their own graduation night last evening.

We believe it was a night that all who were present will always remember. The presence of the Lord was so very strong. The worship caught us up into the heavenlies. The seriousness of the charge to heal the sick as Jesus commanded, was so real to the students and accepted by them all. As we imparted the anointing most fell out… Larry fell out for the first time in his life. But of course it did not matter if they fell under the power or not: it was God’s service… He was working and He imparted into each one as He determined. All we did was flow with what He was doing. The impact can be seen in these photos.  
As we were all lying or sitting on the floor under the power of God, Amanda Bruns had a vision. We tell it now as we recall she shared it with us all but she has promised to write it out exactly as she saw it, and if there are discrepancies we will adjust our account to accord with hers. She saw in a blaze of light the face of Jesus and He had the most magnificent smile and she saw Him touch each of us on the head with His finger and a blue spark came from His finger and ran down everyone’s spine to their feet… At this point Debbie Border exclaimed, “That’s why my foot was burning!”… and she saw everyone encased and shining with this blue light over their whole body. Then she saw us with Jesus in light on top of the globe of the earth. Jesus opened a gate on top of the globe. We all went through this gate and out into all the world in the power that we were radiating and that He had just imparted to us. Amen.
We laid hands on all who came for healing and on those of our students who were not graduating.
It was a special, special night. During the afternoon the church received a call from a distraught husband who was asking if the church operated a healing ministry outside the church as his wife was in desperate need. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches (Revelation 3:22).
Posted March 19

Graduation Galloway

March 17 – We had a small but powerful graduation class as several of our students were unable to come tonight. We were however joined by Ron and Loretta Hammond, alumni from a previous Healing Ministry School of ours. It was great to have them with us. Ron & Loretta are on our Board of Directors.

During our worship time, the anointing was so strong and at one point LaVonne could not help giggling. She was receiving a vision of Jesus running towards her through a most luscious green forest and then He took her hand and she was running and playing and skipping and dancing with Him, like children do.

Loretta had a word for Charlissa arising out of the impartation. She also felt a huge impartation go into Tiffany. Tiffany asked for special prayer and we gathered round her. We also ministered to Candy.

All in all it was a powerful and intimate night of fellowship with the Lord and with each other.

Posted March 19

Sunday fun!

Springfield March 15 – At Word of Faith Family Church today, the Holy Spirit ministered to a lady through LaVonne and she easily received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with tongues and also fell out under the power.

During the afternoon we ministered to one of our Healing School students.  She had a bulging disc in her neck and a pinched nerve causing tingling and numbness down her left arm and hand. Eric ministered and the tingling and numbness went instantly. When she asked for ministry for her knees, he found she had one leg shorter.  It quickly grew out even with the other. LaVonne ministered to her pelvis and both ladies felt it rotate into correct position.

So easy! Thank You, Jesus! Jesus paid the price for your healing!

Posted March 15

Traumas leave

Columbus March 12 – LaVonne received amazing revelations in ministry to a lady, even seeing her internal organs in detail, and calling out conditions that the lady confirmed and that only God could be revealing. She then shared very deeply with LaVonne who ministered release from traumas in her teenage years. The next night a friend remarked: “There’s something different about you… it’s a good difference… you look softer.” Praise the Lord!

Posted March 15

Springfield March 11 – At our Springfield class at Word of Faith Family Church tonight, Mike Bruns was eager to testify about his father. Remember Mike was healed of a kidney stone on February 22. So when he heard that his father had been rushed to ER in acute pain with the same problem, he sent a text to his mom at the hospital telling her how to minister to him. She did exactly as Mike’s text instructed. The pain went immediately. The report came back that the kidney stone, that had been causing him so much pain, was in fact now so minute his dad would pass it easily. Later that happened. Praise the Lord!

It was another great class. Sandy, whose house had recently burned to the ground, received ministry for release from trauma. She was also found to need an upper back adjustment, which was was easy… thank You, Jesus! And we know the Lord has quickly taken care of their re-housing and other materials needs. For He is good! All the time!

Posted March 12

Galloway Healing Ministry School

Tuesday March 10 Another memorable Healing Class! Annie, baptized in the Holy Spirit and healed of so much last time, told us all that she had prayed for a non-Christian friend of hers in pain from separated ribs after a fall. She also slipped one of our prayer-cloths between the cushions of his couch. When she saw him next, he told her he was so very much better through her prayers. Then she pulled out the prayer cloth and said: “And you didn’t know about this, did you!” Remember, this is Annie on fire after just one class. She reported that since her baptism last week the urge to pray in tongues has come upon her strongly at times. Amen. More, Lord!

Cathy had some swelling in her hand and this resolved. Charlissa had some pain in her neck, where she could feel a tiny lump. The lump disappeared and so did the pain. Candy reports that she feels tons better in terms of her general health. Thank You, Jesus!

Posted March 11

Galloway Healing Ministry School

Tuesday March 3 – Tiffany came with a testimony. She left work early to respond to a cry for help from her grandmother who was suffering from severe pain in her legs. She found that one leg was way shorter than the other; her grandmother’s back was severely out of alignment. No wonder she was in pain! So, she commanded the short leg to “grow out.” Grammy’s leg grew out and all the pain went!

Annie came for the first time with quite a shopping-list: hypoglaecemia, an under-active thyroid, a bulging C-6 disc and pinched nerve, a pelvic imbalance, a slightly short leg, and some emotional issues. All this was absolutely wonderful! Perfect practice material for our students! They each ministered to Annie in turn: Liz to her neck, Cathy to her upper back, Tiffany (of course!) to her lower back and legs, and Charlissa to her pelvic area. Annie pronounced her neck pain-free. She felt one leg grow cold and the other warm as her short leg problem disappeared. She felt her pelvis move and Charlissa was excited as she felt that too! Annie needed the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Eric ministered and Annie began speaking in tongues. LaVonne ministered in the gift of the word of knowledge to Annie’s emotional issues and Charlissa and Tiffany assisted her. We spoke a new thyroid and a new pancreas into her and we cast out spirits of inheritance and hypoglaecemia. At the end of all of that Annie was radiant (see photo left). She’s going back to her doctors for tests and we’re eagerly awaiting the results!

LaVonne ministered to Cathy for carpal tunnel syndrome and we saw Cathy moving her hand and fingers freely.

So it was a hugely successful class… rich in enjoyment!

(There’s no Springfield class this week due to a conference at Word of Faith Family Church)

Posted March 4

Doctors are baffled

Monday March 2 – Springfield Ohio We were told by Mike that his results are in and his doctors are baffled. The tests surely indicate the presence of kidney stones but the CT scan found none whatsoever! Praise God that He will sometimes confound the wisdom of the wise (1 Corinthians 1:20). (We love doctors and thank God for their skill and devotion)

Lockbourne Ohio We were invited by a friend to a Sing-Fest service at a Freewill Baptist Church on Saturday Feb 28. While we were there the pastor asked us to pray for his brother,  who was suffering from cancer, and had been rushed to hospital supposedly to die. The pastor telephoned us today to tell us that against  the odds his brother rallied and is now doing so very much better. We rejoice with him and continue to believe for his  brother’s complete recovery.

To God be all the glory. All healing is the work of His hands.

Posted Mar 3

Marketplace Ministry

Thursday February 26 – Columbus, Ohio As we were leaving an Applebee’s restaurant, LaVonne noticed a group of four ladies seated at a table by the entrance: a mother, her daughter, the daughter’s grandmother, and the mother’s friend. LaVonne heard the mother say that her sister needed deliverance. As Eric went out to the car, LaVonne stopped and introduced herself to mom saying: “Hello, my name’s LaVonne. I’m a minister and I heard you say that your sister needs deliverance. What’s her name?” Mom replied: “My son needs deliverance.” She gave LaVonne his name. LaVonne joked that with God you get more than one wish and, standing by their table at the front of the restaurant, she started to pray for him. As she was praying, the Lord showed her that the son had suffered trauma at the age of 3. When LaVonne shared this with her, mom started to cry because it was so. Then LaVonne heard her son say: “Mom, I didn’t want to be like this.” LaVonne shared this with his mother and continued praying for her boy.

Then LaVonne got a word of knowledge concerning mom’s friend seated next to her. She heard the Lord say there was something wrong with her health that would end her life prematurely. She confirmed it was so. Then the Lord added: “She’s not serving Me.”  LaVonne asked her if she knew Jesus. She said no. LaVonne said to her: “The Lord wants to heal you but you’ll have to give your heart to Him first. If you will serve Him, He will heal you. Do you want to become a Christian now?” The woman said yes and LaVonne led in a prayer of repentance.
LaVonne then spoke to the daughter that she had overheard her speaking about Juanita Bynum, the Christian author and prophetess. LaVonne saw the word “prophetess” in the Spirit. She told her: “The Lord says if you’ll stay close to him and listen to Him, He will raise you up to be just like Juanita Bynum.” Then LaVonne shared a personal encounter she’d had with Juanita Bynum thinking to stir up the gift within the young woman.
LaVonne saw a multi-colored bridal veil in the Spirit and asked her if she was married. She replied that she had gotten engaged just last night. LaVonne said the many colors had to do with a call to the nations and especially children in many lands. She replied that this was exactly her heart. Answering a question from LaVonne she confirmed her husband to be was saved and Spirit-filled. LaVonne prayed for their feet to walk the path that God is calling them on.
Then the Lord revealed to LaVonne that she doesn’t call her grandmother ‘grandma.’ She said you don’t call her grandma… what do you call her? She replied: ‘Grammy.’ LaVonne prayed for grammy and told grammy: “The Lord says He hears your prayers.”
Then LaVonne asked the mother to stand because she sensed mom needed healing in the area of her stomach. So mom stood up and raised her hands to heaven and LaVonne laid hands on her stomach and prayed for her. Remember this is at the front of a busy restaurant at lunchtime. It was at this point that Eric re-entered the restaurant to find his wife and saw her standing with this lady ministering as just described.
Truly this was marketplace ministry and every Christian believer is called to this! This was just one ministry episode today. We don’t have liberty or time to share them all. We did not get home till just before midnight.
Posted Feb 27

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio

Wednesday February 25. We had another marvelous healing ministry class tonight. To begin with, Mike Bruns, the man who had the kidney stone complaint on February 22 testified that he has remained pain free over the past few days and he’s been to his doctor for further tests: so we wait for the results with great interest. Several came forward for allergies and asthma and we ministered to them, some of whom fell under the power of God. Mike and his wife, who are wanting a baby, came forward for prayer and fell out together as LaVonne ministered to them jointly. We prophesied twins.

There was wonderful women’s ministry tonight through LaVonne as all the ladies supported in prayer.

Douglas Owens attended for the first time from another church in Springfield. He said that as he was in prayer he saw the WFFC building and the Holy Spirit was urging him to come. Encouraged by the healings that he saw, Douglas asked Eric for ministry himself. Eric ministered to the issues that Douglas itemized and also ministered to his spine. Douglas saw a miracle: his arms and legs growing out as his back was adjusted by the power of God.  He was so thanking Jesus. He told Pastor Jim Britton: “I got my healing tonight.”

Posted Feb 25

Healing Ministry School, Galloway, Columbus, Ohio

Tuesday February 24. We had another wonderful healing ministry class. Liz testified that she has been growing out her husband’s arms and legs through the power of the Holy Spirit i.e. ministering adjustments to his back. And she also told us that on Sunday morning she was permitted to testify to her church about her total release from grief and sorrow on February 3rd, and that since that time she’s been really, really happy! Praise the Lord!

Posted Feb 25

Power Sunday – Springfield & Plain City, Ohio

Sunday February 22. As we arrived for morning service at Word of Faith Family Church in Springfield, we were asked to pray for Mike Bruns in pain from a kidney stone. Eric ministered and the pain instantly left to Mike’s evident relief and surprise. Glory to God!

In the evening we attended Christian Life Church in Plain City, Pastor Bud Mulford. LaVonne stood to say that she had a word for a lady who was facing a big decision and that the Lord was saying it’s either yes or no… there’s no maybe. This decision turned out to be the most momentous decision of all: to accept or reject Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour. Pastor Bud pointed to a particular section where he sensed the lady was sitting and she dissolved in tears and came out at Pastor Bud’s invitation to receive her salvation.

As the service closed, LaVonne asked a young man if she could pray for him. He consented and she led him to Christ. He said, “I feel so much lighter.” LaVonne explained this was because he was no longer carrying the burden of his sins. She then asked Eric to minister the baptism of the Holy Spirit to him. He began speaking in tongues so readily. Then Eric heard a voice behind him say: “Oh, I’ve got it too! That’s cool! That’s very cool!” Another man had listened carefully and appropriated it to himself. Praise the Lord!

Posted Feb 23

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio

Healing Ministry School – February 18. This healing class focused on casting out demons and creative miracles. After the teaching we answered questions and then ministered to those who wanted healing.
Shirley presented for various problems: arthritis and diabetes to name a couple. She fell under the power of the Holy Spirit and definitely felt something happening inside her. We wait for a further report.
Angie was attending this school for the first time. She rededicated her life to Jesus and was baptized in the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. She was more than a little overwhelmed by her experience and she was also slain in the Spirit.

A dramatic miracle was Paul’s impaired hearing instantly and fully restored as Eric cast out spirits of deafness in Jesus’ Name. Paul was amazed that he could  hear  what his friends  were whispering behind him, even as they progressively withdrew from him. When he finally turned around, he was startled by how far behind him they were… 15-20 feet!

Thank You, Jesus!

Posted Feb 18

Galloway Healing Ministry School

February 17: “I really got my money’s worth!” was Sharon Johnson’s joyful comment as she finished her first class at this school. She had come with a residual injury. She had slipped on ice and fallen badly. Her left arm had swollen up; and though the swelling had gone, she had been left with a painful elbow. She even wondered if she had perhaps fractured it. She could not lift up a heavy object with her left hand without a great deal of pain. She had not been to the doctor but was trusting the Lord for her total healing. Eric ministered to her arm and she felt the pain leaving till it had all gone. Pictured left Sharon can be seen smiling and bending her elbow  freely; and pictured right you can see her smiling while lifting a heavy Bible. Hallelujah!

All our students got their money’s worth this night. Backs were adjusted. Hips were adjusted. Arms grew out. Legs grew out. They were all excited as they witnessed the power of God being released through them in Jesus’ Name. Praise the Lord!

Posted Feb 18

Galloway and Springfield Healing Ministry Schools

On February 10 we had the second class of our healing Ministry School at our home in Galloway Ohio. Paul came over from Springfield to make up the class he missed last week. He wanted an increase in  revelation from the Holy Spirit. He felt there was a block and God revealed to us that it was from his former days in organized religion. The next night in Springfield he testified that straight away he’s been hearing and receiving much more easily. Liz, who last time was released from grief, this time was healed of back pain and in the process broke into joy (photo).

Two further highlights: Glenda watched her leg ‘grow out’ as her lower back was adjusted by the power of God. Candy soaked in the Holy Spirit as she received ministry for multiple sclerosis and visibly changed for the best. The group stayed late and seemed not to want to go home!

On February 11, we were again at WFFC in Springfield OH. It was a fun time as the class started growing out arms and legs for themselves! One young man testified to a sore back being healed and there were one or two similar testimonies. To God be the glory!

Posted Feb 12

Salvation and deliverance

God spoke to LaVonne that we were to attend a particular church tonight in Grove City, Ohio. During the service one of the men on the worship team declared to the congregation that we had been on his mind all day, that he was certain we were there by divine appointment and that God was getting ready to do something special.

LaVonne was called up to sing and she sang “Breathe On Me.” The song was taken over by the worship team while we both ministered. The presence of God was so strong… but His power really manifested when Eric ministered to Delbert.

Delbert fell to his knees… and received salvation and deliverance. He arose a new creation. His family testified of this sudden transformation in their father… now so full of life and health… and said they had prayed and waited a very long time for this moment. Delbert himself said: “This is the best day of my life!” He testified that he had always been so full of all kinds of fears but that tonight God had saved him and given him joy and peace. Just look at this picture of him after the service.

Posted Feb 8

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio

James had been suffering with pain in his lower back for 5 or 6 weeks and had been to the hospital about it. They had done a CAT scan looking for kidney stones but nothing had been found. In this morning’s service (February 8) James had been in such pain he could hardly sit. He had been thinking he’d have to leave the service, but somehow he stuck it out to the end.

After the service a friend introduced him to Eric as “the guy who does the Healing School.”  Eric said: “God doesn’t heal just on Wednesday nights… Let me pray for you now.” One leg was half an inch shorter than the other. It grew out and James was wiping his eyes. He said: “The pain just went, man… it’s unbelievable!”

Glory to Jesus!

Posted Feb 8

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio

Healing Ministry School On February 4 we conducted our second class.

The first student to arrive was Bill. He had been suffering from a bad headache for four days having been continually out working a snow plow. His upper back was out of alignment and LaVonne ministered to him straight away before anyone else came. He testified at the start of the class that the instant LaVonne began to minister to him the headache abated to 1 from a 100… and that by the time she finished ministering, it had totally disappeared.

James had a neck problem. Eric ministered to him and his neck problem disappeared. Eric ministered to his lower back. The latter needed an adjustment as one leg was about an inch shorter than the other. James watched his shorter leg “grow out” as his back was adjusted by the power of God. He bent down to touch his toes and said, “I never expected to be able to do that again!” One of the female students told him she had seen “a cloud” lift off of him. She prayed a blessing on him. He is pictured sitting as she did so.

LaVonne then ministered to Shirley, James’s wife, for a back problem (pictured) and she was also set free. It was, therefore, a blessed night for James and Shirley… their first taste of our Healing School, as they had missed the first class.

Debbie felt below par. Her children had been sick and she felt like it was trying to get on her. LaVonne ministered to her and Debbie “fell out.” She is pictured resting in the Spirit on the floor.

During the class a lady received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. We praise the Lord and give glory to God for all He is doing.

If you want to join a Healing School, it’s probably too late to join this one but not too early to sign up for the next. Come anyway to catch the excitement. Or come to be healed! We need people for our students to practise on!

No matter what the sickness or how final or terminal the condition. What have you got to lose? If you’re “too sick to come,” you need to be there. You would sure get to hospital somehow if your condition worsened, so you can sure get along to our school. What have you got to lose but your sickness and pain? Others are being set free… why not you?

Posted Feb 4

Healing Ministry School, Galloway, Columbus, Ohio

On February 3 we started a Healing Ministry School in our home. Again there were miracles in the very first class.

Cathy had some degenerative bone disease in her lower back. Eric addressed that and we saw her legs grow out as her back was renewed and adjusted by the power of God. She still had a little residual soreness but that started to abate with further ministry. Judy suffered from tinnitus in her right ear and after ministry she said it was much better. We felt this would further resolve over time.

LaVonne, prompted by a word of knowledge, asked Liz if she has daughters. She said two, but tears came as she revealed one had recently died. LaVonne ministered to her for inner healing and there was a profound release. Liz was allowed to testify to her church on February 22.

LaVonne was again prompted by a word of knowledge to ask Cathy about  someone in her family, and they prayed in agreement  for this loved one.

Tiffany had a problem just below her left shoulder with muscle pain. When Eric asked her to stretch her arms out we saw immediately that her upper back was way out of alignment, as one arm was shorter than the other by almost a whole hand’s length. Eric took a picture and then ministered. Her “short” arm grew out to be even with her “long” arm and Eric took another photo with his camera phone… before and after. These are hardly professional photos but they do give you an idea of what took place.

There was a lot of valuable ministry this night. It was another powerful evening in God’s presence!

The next class in our home is on February 10. Contact us if you wish to be included. Come anyway if you are sick and want to receive healing. Jesus heals all who come to Him.

Posted Feb 4  Updated Feb 25

Wonderful Feedback!

On January 23, Eric received a call from a man for whom he had prayed three years ago. The man’s legs were healed. Then a year ago, Eric prayed for him again… this time for his eyes. His eyes, he said, have been improving ever since. A bonus was that as Eric prayed for him that second time two cysts on his body instantly disappeared. He had not known how to contact us till now.

Glory to God! Praise You, Jesus, for all these wonderful healings!

Posted Jan 24th

More Miracles

On January 22, we ministered to a former pastor and his wife who are in their eighties. She was suffering from back problems and scoliosis. As we ministered we had quickly to step out of the way. The Holy Spirit came upon her so strong she repeatedly bent over and touched the floor, not with her finger tips but with the flat palms of her hands! She’s 87. She did this so fast and so often, you had to be there to see and believe it! None of us could replicate it in the natural. She would have had to have been very fit and in her teens or twenties to do it herself in the natural. And after the Holy Spirit was through with her, she had absolutely no recollection of what she had just done!

We ministered to her husband for shingles. He felt the fire of the Holy Spirit. He said: “You kids, you be sure to go on!”

We’re loving it! We’re just kids… having fun in the Holy Ghost!

Posted Jan 24th

Word of Faith Family Church, Springfield, Ohio

Our Healing School began on January 21. We are so grateful to Pastors Jim & Karen Britton for this opportunity.

We saw miracles in the very first class. The most notable was to Patricia who had suffered from a nerve-damaged arm for 2 years following a cycling accident. She responded to a word of knowledge. She was in pain and had been to her doctor only two days before. As we ministered, tears of relief ran down her face. We asked her: “What happened to the pain?” She answered: “It just crept out of my arm.” She is pictured right raising it in triumph.

There were other miracles. Viv was healed of a neck problem. So she asked the Lord for at least one healing encounter a day, so that she can pray for a sick person. God honored that. So now she’s upped it to an encounter ev ery time she goes out !

Three of our students went to pray for a friend who was in hospital for the removal of his gall bladder. Pictured left is Paul telling us all about it. First, they led him to the Lord and then they asked to pray for his healing. “You don’t understand,” he kept saying, “They’re taking it out tomorrow at 10 in the morning.” They said, “Be sure to call us at 10.02 when they find nothing wrong with it.” Sure enough, he called the next morning. He still had his gall bladder. The doctors discovered it was now perfect.

Our Healing School class on January 28 was cancelled because of the snow emergency across Ohio. Our next class is on February 4.

Posted Jan 24th  Updated Jan 25, Jan 30 and Feb 4.


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