22 May 2012

Amazing Investment Opportunity

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We have a golden God-led opportunity through a Christian realtor whom God has used before in exactly the same way to establish 4 large churches in the city of Columbus, Ohio. She was seeking God for church land and buildings that were coming into her hands for sale, saw us clearly in the Spirit, and called us with impeccable timing as we were in earnest prayer asking God to open a door for us to have our own church and ministry facility. This is undeniably the door that God has opened to us.

The property will suit us perfectly. The asking price is $950,000.

We do not feel God would have us incur a loan. We are seeking wealthy donors who realize that an investment of this kind in the Kingdom of God is the best investment they can make, exceeding by far any of their investments in today’s economy. This is an amazing investment opportunity to aid our mission; and it’s a wonderful door that God has opened for our ministry’s development.

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep in order to gain what he cannot lose. God promises phenomenal blessings and rewards, in this life as well as in eternity, for those who give generously to His purposes.

For photos and more detailed information, click here.

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