17 Mar 2012

Amazing God

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We set out for the church with what the gauge indicated was a full tank of gas in the car. But on our way the engine suddenly died and the gauge read empty! There were none of the “ding-dong” sounds we are supposed to hear when the tank is nearing empty – the car just died and we coasted to a stop just as a lady was reversing her car off her drive  a couple of doors further down the street.

She saw we were in trouble and offered to help. She unhesitatingly drove back to her house, got a gas can and drove off to buy us gas without even asking us for any money!

She was a Christian and had a young lady, a new believer, with her. She had just been leading her in a bible study; and they were leaving to go “couponing” with some friends.

We had a trunk load of free bread, and offered her some. The lady gasped and said she had been asking God for free bread for some needy people she knew! So she took all the bread she wanted. We also prayed for her healing which she was eager for.

So, she and her new believer friend saw the divine hand of God working in provision and healing and answered prayer.

We could have broken down in another place at a different time, but God saw to it that our car died just when and where it did to be able to answer this lady’s prayers with the bread that she had been asking Him for, and also to minister to her for the healing she needed. What a witness to her young friend!

He watched over us and took care of her needs and ours, and worked out everything as only He can. We still got to church in good time to set up for our evening service.

We told them all about us and where we meet on a Saturday night at six. They seemed interested enough to want to come along. That might have been part of God’s plan also – to hook them up with our church!

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