The Republic of Liberia is situated on the west coast of Africa and is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea and the Ivory Coast. Monrovia is the nation’s capital having been named after James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States. The country has a unique connection with America. You can read more about that and about Liberia generally and its challenges by clicking here.


Faith Assembly Outreach Ministries

Apostle Paul & Mother Youngor OkereWe welcomed Pastor Paul H Okere and his wife Mother Youngor Okere into our Lion and Eagle family on September 5, 2009.

Paul is the Apostle and Senior Pastor of Faith Assembly Outreach Ministries (FAOM) in Gardnersville in the capital. He wrote: “We desire your apostolic coverage and are ready to work with your ministry, not because of material things or money, but because we know that God has led us to you.”

The ministries of FAOM are many and include: an orphanage; special care for abused children, the poorest of the poor, street girls, the abandoned sick in hospital and Aids sufferers; planting churches, training pastors and catering for their needs; and providing basic education and occupational skills. Their vision is to reach their nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ by every available means and with love, boldness, zeal and dedication.


God’s Empowering Holistic Outreach Ministries

We welcomed Apostle S. Eric Clinton and his wife, Minister Vera Clinton, into our Lion and Eagle family on January 6, 2011.

Eric Clinton is the Apostle and Senior Pastor over God’s Empowering Holistic Outreach Ministries (GEHOM) which he and his wife founded in April 2006. They are based in the DuPort Road  suburb of Monrovia. They also have a rural project in Grand Gedeh County.

Their mission is two-fold: first, to reach the unreached through tent revival meetings and house-to-house home cell fellowship, and second, to establish a training school for pastors and leaders to go and train others. They seek to plant churches.

GEHOM has many of the same aims and objectives as FAOM – much needed in Liberia today: reaching out to orphans and widows and displaced people both young and the elderly; seeking to impart job skills through occupational training and to empower people to be job creators. GEHOM seeks to establish agricultural projects to provide people with work as well as to grow food for the hungry. They also seek to provide basic education and medical assistance. One stated objective is to establish a 50 bed pediatric medical center.




Malawi is a landlocked country in Central Africa and is affectionately known as “the warm heart of Africa.” It is bordered by Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. One of the substantial challenges in Malawi is that, in common with some other African countries, it has very serious problems with HIV and AIDS and therefore with: lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality, and a rising orphan population. Read more about Malawi by clicking here.


Divine Destiny Victory Pentecost Church


We welcomed Pastor Frank Chisale and his wife Asa Chitukula into our Lion & Eagle family during Easter 2011.

Pastors Frank and Asa are the lead pastors of Divine Destiny Victory Pentecost Church in Mzuzu Katoto, Mzuzu City. The city is in the northern part of Malawi.

Mzuzu City is in an agricultural region, and the area surrounding the city specializes in tea, rubber, and coffee cultivation.

Pastors Frank & Asa founded their church in 2007; and they now have 3 branch churches and 6 pastors working with them.

Frank & Asa have 3 children of their own and their church helps care for about 50 orphans and 15 widows. They seek to empower the widows by training them in ways that will help them support themselves. They also engage in caring for the elderly.

Their church is very active and has a very full program through the week. They engage in open ground as well as door-to-door evangelism, and seek to plant churches in local areas.


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