Lion and Eagle Ministries



Lion and Eagle Ministries International was founded by Eric & LaVonne Bardell in England in 2006 and incorporated in America in 2008.

Eric & LaVonne conduct ministry training schools and have affiliated churches and ministries in Africa.

Our vision and mission  you can find here. Our statement of beliefs you can read here.

See also here a prophetic word given in 2005, which we include for interest sake—the test of all true prophecy is in its coming to pass. We find it intriguing coming shortly as it did shortly before our ministry was founded and speaking of joining the Lion and the Eagle. God will unfold His plans for this ministry as we go.


Pastor Eric

Eric was born anPastor Ericd raised in London, England. He was a family lawyer and mediator by background.

Saved and baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 30, his life was totally transformed.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Eric saw clients set free from such things as alcoholism, pornography and suicidal depression. Cases that seemed impossible were turned around by God’s intervention.

God steadily raised Eric up in the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International eventually to become a National Director over the United Kingdom and Irish Republic. Eric gained a lot of experience in men’s ministries and international missions.

In the latter context, God called him to take times out to go to North India to preach and teach in Gospel crusades and believers’ conventions. He has been many times to India; and miracles, signs and wonders have always accompanied his preaching of the Word of God. His work in India was featured in a program on God TV in England entitled ” A Man with a Mission”. He has also ministered on mainland Europe and in South America.

Eric is able by God’s grace to preach and teach from the Bible with a simplicity that can be readily grasped and understood by his hearers.


Pastor LaVonne

LaVonne was raised in ColuPastor LaVonnembus, Ohio; and church and ministry were always a part of her life, as her father was a pastor.

She accompanied him to meetings of the great healing healing evangelists and ministers of faith of the 50s and 60s, seeing and experiencing miracles, signs and wonders first-hand, almost as a common occurrence.

She desired from her childhood to be used by God in the same way.

God has met her desire by using her to minister in revivals, retreats and conferences in America, Europe and Brazil.

LaVonne has a prophetic seer anointing. She ministers to the issues of life. She is blessed with a wonderful voice and ministers in song. She is also used in miracles and healings.

LaVonne was one of two national women’s leaders over the women of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International in the United Kingdom between 2005 and 2007.



Eric and LaVonne have no agenda for their lives but God’s agenda. Thus in July 2007, they obeyed God in moving from England to the USA and into the full-time ministry. Eric laid down his careers in law and mediation. They incorporated Lion and Eagle Ministries in America on August 8, 2008. The number 8 in prophetic circles stands for a new beginning, so that date of incorporation, 8/8/8, stood for a new beginning three times over!