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Busy, Busy

It’s been a busy month for us in the ways that pastors are always busy — home visits, hospital visits, and so on — as well, of course, in the day-to-day administration of the church and ministry. Lion & Eagle Christian Center, our church, continues to grow — spiritually, as well as in numbers. Our […]

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Unless a seed dies

Pastor Eric officiated a funeral here today – at Our Mother of Sorrows Chapel. A mother who lived a hard life died early – and thus one might say the chapel’s name matched the occasion. Fortunately, she gave her heart to Jesus shortly before she passed, and so she went to Heaven, where the living […]

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Out of the Box

On Saturday July 16 we were in Springfield, Ohio, again — a Springfield pastor joked we should open an office there and told us he knows just the building! We were there for the ordination of a street evangelist named Duke who walks, maybe even stalks you might say, the streets of the city. He […]

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