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No Cancer!

At our service this afternoon at the Hilltop Seniors Village, a mother thanked us for our prayers last time for her daughter, who was facing a cancer operation. When they opened her up, they found NO cancer! Praise Jesus! In our morning service, Josh testified that since Monday’s healing class, he’s been able to see […]

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Play Ball!

Our men’s group had a fun day out in Cincinnati watching the Reds play the St. Louis Cardinals at baseball. We were treated to 4 home runs by the Reds, a 7-3 victory over the Cardinals, and a really nice gift of a replica of an item in the Reds’ Hall of Fame museum. Our […]

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Hopping over the couch!

We hear great testimonies every week of how the Lord is blessing our people and here’s one we heard this morning — a great one for Mothers Day in the USA! Josh’s mother had arthritis of the knee so bad that her kneecap was practically worn away and she had metal in there after surgery. […]

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